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Andrea Schwartz has been active as a home educator since 1983, and has successfully educated her three children through high school. She has written five books: Lessons Learned from Years of Homeschooling, The Homeschool Life, The Biblical Trustee Family, Woman of the House, &  A House for God. She also has written two children’s books for families to read together: Teach Me While My Heart is Tender: Real-Aloud Stories of Repentance and Forgiveness and Family Matters: Read-Aloud Stories of Responsibility and Self-Discipline.

Her website is a useful site for homeschooling families, and she is a regular contributor to the Chalcedon publication, Faith for All of Life. Andrea is a sought after public speaking and writing instructor, as well as a guest speaker for Christian schools, homeschooling support groups, and introductory seminars on homeschooling. She resides in San Jose, CA with her husband of 40 years. She can be contacted at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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Five Tips to Help Your Children Love One Another

Five Tips to Help Your Children Love One Another

If we want to see godly change, we have to apply godly discipline and instruction.

By Andrea Schwartz

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