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Sean Nolan

Sean Nolan is a Christ-follower, husband, father, and pastor in the Baltimore area. He writes for Gospel-Centered Discipleship and at Family Life Pastor and doesn’t care about sports.

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The Protestant Case for Voting Third Party The Odyssey Online

The Principles That Have Defined Protestantism Can Offer Us More Election Choices

No number of indulgences allows you to buy back your soul…or vote.

By Sean Nolan

Local Mega-Church Sells Series On Sex In Attempt To Gain Followers Visual Hunt

Mega-Church Sell Sex Series After Learning Sex Sells

Taking a cue from secular marketing strategists, local mega-church uses sex to gain more customers

By Sean Nolan

Miracle-Worker Successfully Turns Wine into Grape Juice Drew Johnson Photography / CityLife Church

Miracle-Worker Successfully Turns Wine into Grape Juice

The congregation of Grace Bible Church of Charleston are still in awe after the miracle performed by pastor Terry Willis this past Sunday.

By Sean Nolan

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