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Joseph Graham is a husband and father of 9 children.  He currently serves in the U.S. Navy and has a family business dedicated to “Encouraging Families and Building a Brighter Future.”

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The Historically Low US Birth Report

The Historically Low US Birth Report

Last month the CDC released their annual report that catalogs the number of births to women in the US for 2016. The data is not encouraging.

By Joe Graham

To Vote or Not to Vote Pixabay

All Citizens Should Exercise Their Responsibility To Vote

One viewpoint that I was frankly surprised to hear was a military officer’s conviction related to NOT casting a ballot in elections at all.

By Joe Graham

US Stealth Technology Losing Edge to China Pixabay

China's New Radar System Challenges US Stealth Technology

China is making headlines with the news that they’ve cracked a way to detect stealth technology.

By Joe Graham

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