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When Suzannah Rowntree isn’t travelling the world to help out friends in need, she lives in a big house in rural Australia with her awesome parents and siblings, trying to beat her previous number-of-books-read-in-a-year record. She blogs the results at and is the author of fiction and non-fiction, including the young adult fantasy novel Pendragon’s Heir.

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Movie Review—Hail, Caesar! Universal Pictures

Hail, Caesar! And The Sanctity Of Work

The Coen's 2016 comedy carries a surprising message about work and calling. I’ve been looking, unsuccessfully, for some thoughtful Christian commentary on the film.

By Suzannah Rowntree

Pictures Of Dead Babies “Obscene”, Says Australian Court

Pictures Of Dead Babies “Obscene”, Says Australian Court

According to a decision recently handed down by the Supreme Court of Victoria it is now a crime to display photographs of aborted babies in public.

By Suzannah Rowntree

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