Movie Review—Hail, Caesar! Universal Pictures

Hail, Caesar! And The Sanctity Of Work

The Coen's 2016 comedy carries a surprising message about work and calling. I’ve been looking, unsuccessfully, for some thoughtful Christian commentary on the film.

By Suzannah Rowntree

Christians, Disney Is Not The Problem

Christians, Disney Is Not The Problem

So is it disturbing that Disney would make this move? Not at all, it was to be expected. The disturbing element to all of this is the reaction of the Christian community.

By Jacob Pippin

Celebrity Worship And The Slow Death Of Hollywood lincolnblues via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND

Celebrity Worship And The Slow Death Of Hollywood

Celebrity worship is unique in today’s time, never before have we lived in a time where people can have influence over a vast amount of others with nothing more than a tweet.

By Jacob Pippin

Sho Baraka’s Album Pulled by Lifeway, Double Standards Abound

Sho Baraka’s Album Pulled by Lifeway, Double Standards Abound

Sho Baraka's album The Narrative was pulled from LifeWay's shelves. Why?

By Lamont English

Movie Review—Rogue One: A Star Wars Story

Rogue One Gives Us Some Of The "War" In Star Wars

Rogue One is very different than any other Star Wars movies, first off, because it does not revolve around a Skywalker centered storyline.

By Carey Appling

TV Review—The Crown

Netflix' Series "The Crown" Presents A Picture Of Divine Authority

When Netflix decided to release it's latest series The Crown, which tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II, I could no longer resist another dramatization of British royalty.

By Carey Appling

Movie Review—Arrival

Hollywood Still Flailing For Answers In "Arrival"

If you knew ahead of time all the trials and deep personal pain looming in your future, would you choose to live your life anyway? Would you choose to subject yourself to it?

By Jordan Wilson

Movie Review—Doctor Strange

Doctor Strange: Hidebound Or Spellbinding?

Doctor Strange is fun, but it could have been so much more.

By Michael Minkoff, Jr

N. D. Wilson’s “The River Thief”: Not Your Typical Christian Movie The River Thief

Movie Review—The River Thief

In his feature-length directorial debut, N. D. Wilson creates a layered cinematic narrative deserving multiple views.

By Michael Minkoff, Jr

Movie Review—The Magnificent Seven

Movie Review—The Magnificent Seven Is A Fun And More Progressive Western

The Magnificent Seven is fun, but it also has some interesting things to say along the way.

By Matt Rushing

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