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Christian Mastermind Ken Ham Thwarts Statist Money Grab, Atheists Get Angry

Christian creationist, author, and speaker Ken Ham, the founder of The Ark Encounter and The Creation Museum, has once again brilliantly found a way to prevent greedy extortionists from shaking him down and plundering his property. 

Having just recently been vindicated in thwarting previous improper money grabs by city officials to have him fork over $18 million in taxes with the courts ruling such a levy was not lawful, Ham now has done it again. City officials were this time trying to extract money from Ham under a "safety tax" which would have taken a chunk of every single ticket sold at the theme park. In a stroke of genius, Ham has simply sold the $48 million tract of land which the theme park sits on essentially to himself in his own non-profit entity "Crosswater Canyon" for a price tag in the amount of $10. No that is not a typo. This allows Ken Ham to totally avoid the "safety tax" and thwarts their efforts to have Ham pay vast sums to the government schools which push the secularist views which Ham repudiates.

The State of Kentucky and the local community surrounding the theme park have seen a boom to the economy as tourists swarm. Hotels, restaurants, and other local businesses have been popping up as a result, also providing much needed gainful employment to the local residents. But Ham is not without his critics, mostly made up of militants atheists and secularists who are determined to thwart Ham by running a smear campaign against him, lobbying for draconian taxation on his organizations and portraying him as a swindler, though he has broken no laws. 

Ham also drew the ire of his secularist / LGBT lobby critics with this recent tweet:


Many are favorable towards these recent developments and Ham's shrewd financial maneuvers. Recent patron of the new "The Ark Encounter" attraction, husband, and homeschooling father of 7 Justin Ryan said, "It's absolutely ridiculous that they're trying to take a cut of each ticket sale. They need to lay off their campaign against Ken Ham. Our family loved the experience. Our kids had an awesome time and learned a lot, and my wife and I did too. We noticed the very obvious economic development in the area which has to be a big positive for the community and for Kentucky. How are the locals not defending him in this, what Ham has built there is only helping their community!"

Governor Matt Bevin supported the construction of the Ark Encounter and declined to levy taxes recognizing the positive impact the project would have. Ham's frenzied opponents, in Orwellian fashion are characterizing this as Ham "taking away money from school children".


Jordan Wilson

Jordan Wilson is pursuing the Great Commission with his wife and children and is a regular contributor at New City Times.