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A Clinton Presidency Will Go Unchecked

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A Donald Trump presidency leaves much to be desired.  Nevertheless, if there's a single positive take away from a Trump presidency, it's this: he will constantly be scrutinized by the media; every decision he makes will be under a microscope, and will face opposition from both political parties if he commits executive overreach.  In contrast, the only opposition to a Hillary presidency will be the Republicans themselves.  She will receive nothing but warm praise and encouragement from the media.

A snapshot taken of today's headlines reveals the stark constant between the way the media portrays Donald Trump versus the way they portray Hillary Clinton.  See below for 10 headlines about Donald Trump and 10 headlines about Hillary Clinton from popular news outlets:

Donald Trump

  1. Hillary Clinton Rips Donald Trump for Praise of Vladimir Putin (ABC News)
  2. Is Donald Trump making money off his presidential bid? (CBS News)
  3. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Trump (CNN)
  4. Mexico's new finance minister spurns Donald Trump (Reuters)
  5. My Search For A Lesbian Donald Trump Supporter (Huffington Post)
  6. Why Donald Trump and Pam Bondi Probably Won’t Face a Corruption Investigation (Slate)
  7. Analysis: Donald Trump's Teleprompter Gap Is Becoming a Problem (NBC News)
  8. Donald Trump’s Remarks Show He’s Mistaken on Sexual Assault in Military (New York Times)
  9. Paul Ryan, Other Republicans Take Distance From Donald Trump After Russia Comments (Wall Street Journal)
  10. Donald Trump's raging egomania (Washington Post)

Hillary Clinton

  1. The Hillary Clinton email story is out of control (Washington Post)
  2. Hillary Clinton Emphasizes Importance of Faith to Black Audience (New York Times)
  3. Hillary Clinton Does Not Rule Out Sexism in 2016 Race (ABC News)
  4. Hillary Clinton Calls Out RNC Chairman For Telling Her To Smile (Huffington Post)
  5. How Hillary Clinton could win (CNN)
  6. The Subtle Misogyny in Matt Lauer's Interview With Hillary Clinton Was Appalling (Slate)
  7. Hillary Clinton slams Trump over comments about military, Obama (CBS News)
  8. Clinton, as polls tighten, shifts focus to herself instead of Trump (Reuters)
  9. Clinton Holds Steady Against Trump as Campaign Enters Final Weeks: Poll (NBC News)
  10. Hillary Clinton’s Team Aims for a More Positive Message (Wall Street Journal)


Further investigation only solidified these findings.  The coverage of Donald Trump was almost always neutral to highly critical, the coverage of Clinton was almost always lukewarm to full embrace.  Many times the media narrative was Clinton's narrative, and they effectively reinforced her talking points.  The coverage of Clinton was a shallow embrace of her character with an emphasis on her narrative.  While a diverse array of criticism was thrown at the Trump campaign, not only was the media virtually done with the email scandal, the narrative had changed to "enough already"; at the same time grasping for straws to maintain a positive narrative of Clinton.  Furthermore, the media came to the defense of Clinton when she was criticized, as can be seen above with the Washington Post, ABC News, Huffington Post and Slate.  There's no reason to doubt this same double standard would play out in the next presidency.  Neither candidate has very high favorability ratings, but the media has already chosen Hillary Clinton as their favorite.


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