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Abortionist Confronts Sidewalk Counselors With Victim Remains

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LAS VEGAS — A video recorded outside the A-Z Women’s Center Saturday captured abortionist William Ramos waving around the remains of an aborted child in a plastic cup as he argued that his victim was not a human being and had not been murdered.

Abolitionists Nick and Kelsey Hendrix were on the scene reasoning with an abortion-bound couple in their car, pleading with them to spare their child’s life, when Ramos approached and tried to draw the couple away from the conversation.

“We’ve preached to this doctor many times,” Nick Hendrix said. “He claims to be Jewish, so I usually preach something like Isaiah 1 or Micah 6, which I also did that day.”

As abolitionists and other sidewalk counselors rebuked the abortionist and called him to repent of his murderous ways and turn to Jesus Christ, Ramos argued that the termination of preborn human beings is not murder because our society’s laws and our culture’s dictionaries don’t define it as murder.

“We have a definition of what murder is,” Ramos asserted. “Murder involves killing a living person.” He admitted that he was himself an embryo at one point, and that God does indeed knit children together in the womb, but maintained that the lives of preborn children are not valuable to God.

After a few moments of debate, Ramos went inside his clinic, only to return a few moments later with the remains of one of his victims floating in a clear liquid solution inside a cup.

“He said, ‘I want to show you something in this cup.’ My stomach dropped because I then knew what was going to be in there,” Hendrix said. Though he could see the mass of human tissue, he reported the baby was young enough that it was difficult to make out distinct features. “It’s really hard for me to know exactly how old this baby was. Likely he or she was very, very young.”

“That’s not a baby,” the abortionist said as he began arguing that the Torah does not condemn the murder of children who are not yet born.

After sidewalk counselor Dave Shumaker refuted his argument by reading Exodus 21:22-25 and asking why God required life for life in the event that an unborn child is killed in his mother’s womb, Ramos shifted his argument, contending that a baby is only worth protecting if he or she is wanted by their mother.

“There is a difference between a pregnancy that is wanted and desired,” Ramos said.

“I will risk my life to defend a pregnant woman… to defend her pregnancy when she wants it. When she doesn’t want it anymore, this is what it is,” he added as he callously sloshed about the remains of his victim’s little body.



The Christian counselors who witnessed the event said it left them grieved for the murdered child as well as for Ramos’ other victims.

“There were about 10 of us and all of us basically went and stood by ourselves and just cried and prayed,” Hendrix said. “Many of us were filled with so much indignation.”

Hendrix told The Liberator that he believes Ramos’ actions are evidence of guilt and indicative of desire to avoid accountability for lying in wait to shed innocent blood. “I believe he felt the need to try to clear his conscience and somehow try and prove that what he had in that cup was not a human being,” he said.

This was not the first time that Ramos has engaged the Christians who come to his clinic to oppose the murder of the innocent. According to Hendrix, he frequently speaks to them as he gets out of his car to go inside, always insisting “It’s not murder. It’s not murder.”

“Maybe God pricks his conscience every time he shows up,” Hendrix said.

Abolitionists and sidewalk counselors regularly visit this Las Vegas abortion mill to preach the Gospel, seeking to rescue neighbors being taken away to death and offering assistance to those stumbling to the slaughter. They ask that people watch and share the video of the event to expose the evil of abortion (1) and to pray for Ramos, as well as the parents who come to his clinic to destroy their unwanted children, that each would be convicted of sin and turn to God in repentance.


1. Eph. 5:11 — Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.

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