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I am a sinner.

In fact, I am (and was) such a sinner that it took God, who lives and reigns over the entire universe, to send His Son to die for my sin. “Sinner” is not just a title we bear for the sake of a theologically correct vocabulary. “Sinner” is what we are, it is an attribute equal to the essence of the human being. We are so connected to sin that, apart from Christ, there is really no way to tell where the sin ends and a person begins, much like the landscape of a cloudy haze over the ocean, the horizon is indiscernible.

My friend, this is why theology matters.

Theology matters because “the peace that passes all understanding”, as you alluded to in your letter, is not peace with ourselves. Because sin is such a large part of the man, of you and I, peace with ourselves would, more often than not, mean rebellion against God. However, this realization requires a proper understanding of sinful man in light of a holy and perfect God.

Jesus didn’t come so that you could be happy in your sexuality. Jesus didn’t come so that you could abandon your family for the sake of a sinful lust. He came to redeem His elect, where they stood in their sin, to make them like Himself (Rom 8:29).

While we are not yet like Him, we can experience the rest we have in Christ in this life. We rest because Jesus has done it all. He has actively fulfilled the requirements of a holy Father. He has passively received the fullness of the wrath of God in our stead.

It is indeed finished.

But, what did Jesus’ life look like?

Jesus had an eternal focus during His earthly ministry.

Like Christ, we are also called to an eternal focus, not temporal one. Is marriage wrong? No, Paul says it’s good in 1 Corinthians. At Creation, God ordained marriage between a man and a woman.

What does marriage avoid? Man’s lust and adulterous tendencies.

Did Christ have these? No, He did not. He was, and is, perfect, the gold standard of righteousness.

He had no need for a wife during His earthly life. What does this mean for us? It means that, while a proper, biblical marriage is a great thing and was created by God, it is temporal, not eternal. In fact, Scripture tells us that we will not marry nor be given to marriage in glory (Mk 12:25). It is however a temporal covenant which has eternal implications for the breaking thereof. Jesus Himself forbids divorce. Leaving one’s wife for your proposed reason is condemnable according to Christ’s standards.

This is significant for someone who has compared the peace that passes all understanding with a temporal relationship status that terminates upon physical death. You have given up the eternal focus for the temporal focus.

You sir have neglected your family for the sake of your temporal feelings. This has eternal, covenantal implications. You are called, as a man, to care for your family, to wash your wife with the Word of God (Eph 5) and to raise your children up in godly ways that they may inherit the kingdom of God just as you supposedly have. At this point, given your current trajectory, you are set to neglect all of the biblical duties of a husband, and there is absolutely no excuse you could offer for such a travesty.

Repentance is close at hand.

There is still time for you to repent. Jesus Christ said that those who do not take up their cross and follow Him are not worthy of Him.

The cross is an instrument of torture, not of comfort. Sacrifice is required of the Christian.

This is because the flesh hates resistance and is in rebellion against God. It is better to subdue the flesh, to deny it, and to follow the Lord of glory. Repent from your decision to go along with your fleshly desires: love your wife; care for your children; be a father.

Imitate Jesus Christ. Show your wife and your kids who He is.

Christ is not an adulterer. He never chased after the flesh, and never gave up on His bride (the Church) for the sake of fleshly temptations. He drank the cup to its dregs; He finished the race; He accomplished the mission.

Do this, that you may live in His glory forever, and that your family may be washed by the sweet words of the Gospel. The Gospel of the perfect God-man, Christ Jesus.

In hopes and prayers,

Josh Sommer, and all of us at New City Times


Josh Sommer

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