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The day after Christmas, 2016, Apologia Church cried out “end abortion now” for churches to hear across the nation. With this rallying cry, as Pastor Jeff Durbin puts it, an announcement was made that all donations up to $125,000 would be matched by a generous donor in contact with Apologia Church. In the span of only a week, $100,000 of this goal has been met, totaling over $200,000 towards their fight to end abortion now.

It is not just Apologia’s fight, however. In fact, at the time of the writing of this article, over 500 churches had stated that they, too, were going to be actively engaged in this fight.

So what is Apologia Church doing with this money? Essentially, all donations raised will be funneled towards local churches across the nation accomplishing a unified mission. This mission is to pursue justice for the class of society who can’t speak for themselves, and to reach out to men and women complicit or actively attempting to murder their children in calling them to repentance and faith in Christ. Apologia’s effort is congregation and gospel-focused.

On a practical level, this fight to end abortion is going to be won in a threefold manner: equipping and providing resources to churches, flooding the media, and acting in the local, state, and national legislatures.

Equipping and Providing Resources to Local Churches

The rallying cry of “end abortion now” by Apologia is not an announcement of organization-building. The End Abortion Now campaign is being built completely on the shoulders of the local church because, in Pastor Jeff’s own words, it is a Biblical model and it is a practical use of resources.

These resources will be available free of charge for the connected local churches, ranging from training videos to sign and pamphlet print-outs. No longer will there be an excuse for lack of resources for preparation.

Not only will the network of congregations have access to these different resources to equip their churches, but they will have access to each other. For example, churches with less monetary resources can reach out to churches with more monetary resources in providing necessary care for a woman deciding to deliver her baby to term and even receive assistance thereafter.

Flooding the Media

Under wraps at Apologia Studios, the media arm of the church, is an all-out media war fighting abortion and pro-murder media outlets. Popular sites like Buzzfeed, Mic, Vox, and more put out content that is easy to digest. However, these sites are also incredibly left-leaning, advocating for socialist policies, abortion, and the gay agenda.

Apologia Studios aims to combat this with easy to digest—yet never watered down—media for individuals, organizations, and most importantly local churches to share. Their goal is to add total eradication of abortion to the mainstream conversation through these outlets, including a live news program.

Legislation Reform at the Local, State, and National Level

While the end goal is to end abortion completely on a federal level, Apologia and those networking through the End Abortion Now campaign are aware that most change can and will change on the local and state levels first.

This fight will be fought by local congregations in each state, pooling together resources and lawyers to put into effect legislation that not only limits abortion, but makes it illegal, declares it murder and calls those who commit this heinous act what they are: murderers. Ideally, this would also apply to fathers paying for abortions to be charged with being an accessory to murder, and the abortionist with contract murder.

While this may seem harsh to many in the “pro-life” movement, it is the logical and moral response to the injustice committed against the class of society that is most vulnerable and most oppressed.

Above all, Apologia’s call to the church is fight injustice and call all to repent from sin and find forgiveness in the person and work of Christ.


Jason Hinrichs

Jason Hinrichs is a Libertarian commentator, co-founder of The Reformed Collective, and a proud Texan Reformed Baptist.

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