Break Up App Rids Waste to Save Face

Tired of having to do all your tiresome breakups in person? Well never fear there's now an app for that. The new app Ghostbot will send purposfully lackluster automated responses to those you put on "ghost mode" in order to hint that you are no longer interested in the relationship. Supposedly it's to help with the extra creepy mates you found on a dating website, but it's still hard to really understand the need.

In a society where personal interaction is staved off like the plague, Ghostbot enables the online dating world to end the relationship just as easy as it was started, and all without having to feel guilty about doing it. Not that online dating is always a negative thing, but in a world where we already much rather speak through our devices than face to face, it makes human contact that much easier to avoid. Talk about running away from your problems.

This app markets off of everyone's inner cowardice. Instead of interacting with the confrontation of a break up, Ghostbot allows its users to hide behind their fears rather than facing them. Courtesy was so last millennia anyways right? Now this might seem like a harmless gag at its core, but the deeper message this pink ghost is communicating is a scary one. Please do not embrace the adolescent mindset this app banks on. If you feel as though you must break off a relationship do it in person like a grown up. Relying on an app to begin a relationship is what got you to this point in the first place, so why trust one to finish it?


Joel Hinson

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