CALVINIST Documentary Film - What’s Next For the YRR Movement

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The new film CALVINIST may only be in it’s fundraising stage, but it’s already getting the attention of the Christian world, and growing a cast of respected teachers. The film promises to teach, celebrate, and encourage growth in the recent, and often controversial, Calvinist movement.


Les Lanphere, a filmmaker who has worked on Hollywood films like Transformers 3 and who also hosts a popular Christian podcast, is endeavoring into his first feature film. It’s a big leap as he jumps headlong into the often heady waters of Calvinism. The Kickstarter video for CALVINIST trumpets the voices of big hitters like John Piper, R.C. Sproul, and Steven Lawson, followed by Lanphere asking the question, “Who are these people?”, and assuring us “I’m gonna find out.”

After only 2 days of fundraising the film is already one half of the way to it’s $35,000 budget, but if you want to see the film come to fruition, it still needs your help. You can get yourself a cool CALVINIST movie t-shirt or coffee mug along with supporting a project promising to be a helpful gift to the Church.

So go check it out!


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