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Confessions Of An Abortion Abolitionist

John Reasnor comments
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Wrong way of thinking:

"Abortion is such a terrible evil that any and every extreme way I communicate is justified!"

Right way of thinking:

"Abortion is such a terrible evil that I must communicate in a persuasive way".

Part of being an abolitionist is doing and saying radical things. Frankly, part of being a Christian should be doing and saying radical things. However, anywhere zeal is found you’ll also be able to find some errors in both thinking and action. This is certainly not unique to abolitionism, but it is something that I have seen, both in myself and in others.

Saying true things isn't the same thing as being faithful. An example of this is the obnoxious street preacher that no one likes who just yells, over and over again, that God hates this or that. Although he is right technically, he's just a clanging cymbal.

An extreme example of this is someone standing in a public square and yelling even something good, such as "God is good", over and over and over again. He's saying a true thing, yet the true thing he's saying is now under question because the man is acting insane.

Furthermore, I can write out Bible verses with fecal matter, and we would all agree that would be a bad idea. Crazy, huh? "Bu...bu...bu....but it's the truth" doesn't really always work.

Surely we can all agree that it's theoretically possible to say technically true things in unprofitable, unfaithful, or unloving ways.

But why?

Why is that even possible? What principle must you rely on to say that truth delivered in a unwise way isn't faithfulness? If you must rely on that principle in extreme cases, then think about that principle in less extreme cases. It's simply the lawful vs. profitable principle. Just because you're saying something accurate, it does not mean it's good to say it.

In regards to making accusations, it's not wise to say even true things publicly that you can't prove. Not only are you making yourself a target for claims that you're a slanderer, but also you're making the guilty party out to be a victim. It's counterproductive in every way.

Furthermore, just because someone can be justly criticized for one thing, it doesn't mean that he's now "fair game" to say whatever comes to mind about him—even true things. Similar to this idea is the lack of nuance. Just because someone is lying and slandering does not mean he's literally a devil. Chill out a bit.

Before pressing "enter", ask yourself what you’re trying to achieve by telling all of Facebook something. What’s the point? Who is the audience? Are you just making a claim in the vast ocean of Facebook posts, or an argument? Are you saying a true thing to get pats on the back from those who already agree with you, or are you trying to persuade those that don’t agree with you? Or are you, like after a long hard and frustrating day, just emotionally venting your feelings?

I have a feeling many will read this sort of post and they may think of some old-timey Garrison quotes, or they may think of Luther, or they may think that abortion is such a great evil that anything is justified.

Just pause for a second.

Faithfulness is not the enemy of rational thought. Faithfulness is not the enemy of effectiveness.

Radicalness is not the same as faithfulness. Harshness is not the same as faithfulness.

There is a time to get angry, there is a time for accusations, there is a time for harshness, and there is a time for radical things, but I'm just asking us to do all of those things better.

Swing the sword, but strike true. Sometimes it's like a four year old trying to swing a heavy broadsword made for a man. It's a nice effort, but it's kinda embarrassing and you're likely to hurt yourself.

The right side can lose the argument. I'm wanting us to be right and win the argument, not just to win debates, but because I love my King and I love the preborn.

Abortion is such a terrible evil that it MUST be attacked well—not just attacked.

I've been guilty of this. Although it may not be about abortion, I’m sure any man or woman with zeal in their heart has been guilty of this. So let's all just help one another and not have those knee-jerk "but it's abortion!" or “don’t you care about truth!” sort of reactions.


John Reasnor

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