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Let me introduce you to Conservatism without Christianity. This brand of conservatism holds many faithful church attendees, but the Bible is not their final authority. In these churches, the flag stands erect behind the pulpit, sermons speak of hope—a return to the old days, or of fear—of those enemies of flesh and blood, and Donald Trump has become their savior, and they his disciples. Nevertheless, church attendance is optional, because the ultimate authority is not scripture. Their theology is soaked in American Exceptionalism, and their God is America.

One of these adherents stands in line at JC Penny. As a newly converted disciple of Donald Trump, this lady speaks her mind as Donald Trump speaks his mind. She fears not the consequences, relying on the protection of her savior. In an encounter with her enemy, the Mexicans, feeling triggered, she speaks boldly to their face, speaking of them in words he speaks.

Donald Trump didn’t start this Conservatism, rather he is their long awaited savior. A key doctrine of this Conservatism is identity politics. The former enemy had black skin, talked differently, lived in the projects, inner city, and other places away from the suburbs, and while it’s no longer appropriate to openly speak negatively of this enemy, the non conformists are routinely neutralized. If confronted by police, this enemy of old must assume guilt, conform, and not speak against injustice. In their America, blue lives matter, all lives matter, but not black lives matter. If one wears a hoody, listens to rap music, and has tinted windows or a mean mug, they are still perceived as a threat and the authorities are called.

But a new enemy has appeared, one of brown-skin, speaking a foreign language. If they speak Spanish, they come either to take America’s jobs, commit crimes or live off our tax dollars. If they speak Arabic, they come either to commit terrorism, or place America under Sharia Law.

Absent an appeal to Biblical scripture, there is no talk of treating the immigrant fairly, as written in Deuteronomy 23:7 and 24:14. Many business owners secretly hire the illegal immigrant, at a fraction of the rate given to the citizen, and have no concern for the slum like conditions of this seasonal hire’s housing. There is no appeal to scripture, recognizing that this immigrant is also made in God’s image, and is a fair recipient of the Gospel.  The disciples of Donald Trump believe that the Gospel is preached to every nation and every tongue, so long as you enter God’s blessed America legally and speak English.

Absent from this Conservatism without Christianity is any form of principled political theory. Executive orders are permissible when a Republican is in the presidency, as is a large federal government. The president will and should create jobs, and regulate business whom move internationally. Medicare shouldn’t dare be cut. Social Security must be fixed to provide for the retired, middle class suburbanite. Government schools are good as long as prayer is allowed, and a strong, well financed Military is a must to protect us from our enemies. Missing from this conservatism is any talk of true limited government, individual liberty, and a free market. The closest true, principled conservatism has come to the White House is one rogue electorate in Texas.

This new conservatism has a striking resemblance to old Democratic policies. Even the Democrats are mourning the loss of their old voting block. All they have done is successfully conserved old Democratic policies, with a leader to match. It wasn’t too long ago that America had an adulterer and womanizer in the office, who ran in the same circles and flew on the same private airplanes as Trump does. Even the irrational fear of other skin colors is vintage Democrat rhetoric.  

We shouldn’t expect this conservatism to be any different. How can you have individual liberty without a foundation of Christianity? How can you have a truly free market without a foundation of Christianity? Principled conservatism can limit the power of a government prone to tyranny. However, in the absence of a moral foundation in Christ, people will call on the government to fill the role of God.

Democrats share the blame by demonizing, ridiculing, and labeling as bigots true Christianity for the past 8 years, making it increasingly difficult to have a genuine discussion as to how truly address the problems of society from a Biblical worldview. In addition, because we have become a nation of fear-driven pragmatists, many evangelicals were willing to swallow their pride and vote a foul-mouthed, rhetoric-speaking conservative without Christianity into the Presidency. Unless they thoroughly disassociate themselves with those whom they partnered with to keep another Democrat from winning the White House, the future of conservatism is very much like the lady above telling immigrants they should go back to Mexico and accusing them of purchasing Christmas presents with her tax dollars.


Scott Taylor

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