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Feingold Acknowledges Clinton’s Potential Executive Action Restricting Guns

Project Veritas Action reports that a hidden camera video shot during a Palo Alto, California fundraiser catches Russ Feingold, a Wisconsin Democrat challenger for U.S. Senate, telling James O’Keefe that "there might be an Executive Order" from Hillary Clinton if she’s elected president to further their gun control agenda.

Thanks to James O’Keefe, who started Project Veritas, Feingold is filmed admitting that her ultimate plan is to win the Senate and put enough pressure on the House to win it over. He also spoke with Amy Rao, the host of the fundraiser and personal friend of Clinton, who reiterated that she wants to "shut it down." She went on to say that "if we can get guns away from everyone in the country, she will close the loopholes, get rid of assault weapons. She will get rid of being able to buy—you know, unlimited bullets. She's gonna make all that stop."

Last Friday, Wikileaks released an email from Brian Fallon, Hillary Clinton’s press secretary. Discussing her upcoming appearance on the Today show, he mentioned that reporters would be briefed on the specific proposals she would support as President, "...universal background checks of course, but also closing the gun show loophole by executive order and imposing manufacturer liability."

Clinton has long spoken about the United States needing more restrictions on guns, bullets, and gun shows. Last October in a town hall meeting she mentioned that the Australian buy back program in 2003 was worth considering due to its success. 




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