He’s a Baby Killer & Proud of It

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SAN DIEGO, CA: LifeNews.com made available a video which put on display a very disturbing interaction between a pro-life protester and an abortion clinic doctor.

Zephania Mel, a fellow brother in Christ, was at an abortion clinic labeled “Family Planning Associates” when a man in blue scrubs exited the front entrance of the building and approached Mel. The man in scrubs was none other than Dr. Robert Santella, the abortionist on duty that day.

The exchange that followed was nothing less than a disgusting display of what evil is capable of looking like in its most manifest of forms.

This video, directly from Mel's YouTube channel, demonstrates the true nature of abortion.



It is not a family friendly practice. It is not a moral or ethical way to dispose of an inconvenience. It’s the murder of unborn children, at the hands of murderers who know exactly what they are doing.

The response from the Christian community ought to be at peak by now. We ought to see outrage over this, especially with everything that has surfaced since David Daleiden’s first video. Moreover, the response from our political leaders ought not be any less bold.

LifeNews.com also reports that Santella has a previous record of careless and unprofessional conduct. He has apparently neglected to successfully and carefully carry out his murderous procedures on at least two different female patients. The medical report reads:

The Medical Board’s filing, Accusation and Petition to Revoke License, through the state attorney general’s office holds Santella accountable for maltreatment of five patients. He is accused of gross negligence, repeated negligent acts, prescribing without a prior appropriate examination, unprofessional conduct, and failure to keep adequate and accurate medical records on patients.

The Medical Board asks the court to revoke or suspend Santella’s license and also informs the court of two prior discipline actions that resulted in years of probation. (See filing at California Medical Board website, “license search”.)

I plead with the body of Christ that we take action in both prayer and sharing the liberating gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ; that babies’ lives would be saved, and that many pressured mothers would be adopted by a loving and caring Father.


Santella was wearing a Sharp HealthCare nametag. However, it appears that Sharp HealthCare has since made the decision to distance themselves from this unprofessional behavior. A comment made by the company has been posted in the comments section of Zephaniah Mel's YouTube video. It reads as follows: 

Dr. Santella has never been employed by Sharp Rees-Stealy and is no longer affiliated with Sharp HealthCare. Thank you - Sharp HealthCare

Unfortunately, however, according to Mel, Sharp Healthcare has been unwilling to further comment or make any other clarifying remarks confirming this for certain.


Josh Sommer

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