“How Christians Gave the World Smart Phones”

This talk by Marcus Pittman (Apologia StudiosCrown Rights) at the recent ReformCon in Arizona is a fantastic presentation of the progression of communication throughout the ages.

Starting at the Tower of Babel, when the Lord suppressed communication, we see no progress whatsoever in communication mediums. Thousands of years pass until Pentecost, when the curse on communication was lifted.

Marcus challenges Christians to "change the conversation" by building empires through innovating (like our forefathers) and masterfully creating, challenging the culture. Let this inspire you to go do something great!



Apologia Studios is produced by Marcus, and they consistently put out amazing content like this. Do yourself a favor and subscribe to their podcast feed and YouTube channel, and then go sign up for Apologia All-Access to get the extra special stuff. You will not regret it, I promise!


Dustin Ranem

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