In Memoriam: Hughes Oliphant Old

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Hughes Oliphant Old is a well known Reformed theologian and churchman. His work on Reformed worship and liturgy was well known and well respected, and his contributions to the theological body of literature should not be under estimated. Affectionately called "Scoti" by those who were closed to him, his impact stretched beyond the pages of academic tomes, and to his long service in the local church.

I never had a chance to read Dr. Old's work, but I knew of him in a way that was very different than most. Upon his retirement, Dr. Old lived out his days in the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire and Vermont, the same region that I also live. When I moved here, I became quickly acquainted with some young men who attended church with him at Providence Orthodox Presbyterian in West Lebanon, New Hampshire. They often recounted warm memories of evenings spent admiring Scoti's library, drinking fine vermouth, and mostly just basking in the warm presence of the aged saint.

Although I was invited to join them, it never quite worked out. That is an opportunity I regret to have missed. I never new Dr. Old in life, and I never knew him from his academic work. But I knew him by the found recollections of those to whom he ministered in quiet service as a retired saint who never stopped running the race.

Dr. Old has left behind a legacy of loving the Lord with his heart, soul, mind, and strength. He was interred May 31st, 2016 in Christian Street Cemetery in White River Junction, Vermont. He will be missed, but we shall see him again.


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