Is Donald Trump a Clinton plant?

In case you missed it, Donald Trump has completely self-destructed over the last few weeks. He hasn't had a single good news cycle since winning the nomination. There was a terrorist attack last month, and Trump is still getting buried. If a GOP candidate doesn't gain ground from a terrorist attack, he's simply not competitive on the national level. A generic Republican candidate would be up by six points right now, especially because Hillary is an amazingly bad candidate. She's simply terrible at connecting with people, everything she does looks fake and produced, and she absolutely bleeds elitism and corruption.

June was the best month of headlines a GOP candidate could possibly ask for. We got absurd, nonsensical Supreme Court overreach, a terrorist attack, and lots more Hillary Email Scandal. 

In all likelihood, Trump can't win. If he could, he would already be winning. To top it off, there's no evidence that Trump is even trying to win. Trump has no organization, no fundraising, and no advertising.

He isn't running a campaign.

Which brings me to the question of the day: if Trump was a Democratic double agent whose mission was to destroy the Republican Party and hand Hillary the election (by reinforcing every negative stereotype about Republicans, alienating women and minorities, and self-immolating immediately after securing the nomination), what would he do differently

I'm naturally inclined to be extremely skeptical about the "Clinton Plant" hypothesis. It seems way too big of a conspiracy. It seems unlikely. Perhaps the strongest argument against the Clinton Plant theory is that Trump is simply too selfish to willingly become the Republican Walter Mondale. Other than seeing his team win, Trump doesn't get very much out of the scenario personally, since losing in devastating fashion won't be good for his brand, his pocketbook, or his reputation.

But the fact remains: I can't think of anything. It's possible that Trump is just that inept and undisciplined as a candidate, but some of his totally unforced errors (failing to disavow the KKK, and a racially-charged attack on Judge Curiel that he had to know would backfire) are hard to understand under any other theory. The timing of Trump's implosion is perhaps the best argument for the Clinton Plant theory: for much of the primary campaign, you could look at Trump and honestly conclude that he's awfully good at running for President. Then he self-immolates as soon as he secures the nomination? Further, if he does want to win, why isn't there any evidence that he's making an effort to build an organization or do fundraising? All of this is on top of the fact that Trump has expressed extremely liberal views on every political issue as recently as 4 years ago, and the fact that he called Bill Clinton before entering the race.

What do you think? Is Trump a plant? Is it mere coincidence that he self-destructed right after winning the nomination? Does Trump live down to every negative stereotype of Republicans only because he's undisciplined? 

Or is there something more sinister in play here? Sound off in the comments!


Tim Dukeman

I just finished my Master's Degree at The University of Memphis, and I'm now seeking a Master's of Divinity at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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