Islam and the Culture of Death

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According to an report yesterday, Islamists attacked a Roman Catholic Church in France during morning mass. The article stated that, "an 84-year-old priest has been beheaded and another hostage is ‘fighting for their life’ after two knife-wielding terrorists, reportedly shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’, took two nuns and several worshippers hostage at a church in northern France."

Obviously this is a terrible, terrible act of terrorism and we do pray for all the people involved. We at New City Times take very seriously the power of prayer and do ask that God’s people pray for the families of the many victims of these horrific acts of evil.

With this in mind, I want to share a few thoughts that have been percolating lately after seeing the stories of Paris, San Bernardino, Orlando, Nice, and others take place. Our Twitter/Facebook feeds have been inundated with tragic events all over the world related to Islamic terrorism and it’s continued barbarisms. It’s obviously a problem.

Now, by way of trigger warning, let me emphatically state that not every Muslim ought to be characterized as a terrorist; not every Muslim believes in these despicable acts. This is, unfortunately, an often assumed sentiment, but it simply should not be the case, especially for Christians who believe in due process and reject racism. No doubt my position on Islam is that it is a false religion built on idolatry. It’s a violation of the First Commandment, and it is in complete contradiction to the Triune God as revealed in Scripture. But let’s not pretend that Muslims everywhere hold to these ‘extremist’ views.

Job 5:12 says, “[God] frustrates the devices of the crafty, so that their hands achieve no success.”

One of Christianity’s presuppositions is that the One True God we call Jehovah has revealed Himself in Scripture, and that anything contrary to the truth of the Holy Bible is false. In other words, God exists, He revealed Himself in His word and in His Son Jesus, and without this view of God, man is reduced to absurdity. Without the True God of the Bible, laws of logic, principles of induction, and objective truths and morality are incoherent. You can’t make sense of anything apart from God. We don’t reason to God, we can’t reason without God. 

Take Islam, for example. Islam is a false religion. Since it teaches a false God, it ought to be made clear: Islam as a religion is entirely at odds with Scripture. Not only is it at odds with Scripture, it is hostile towards Jehovah. Since there is no neutrality in the world, Islam can’t be reconciled to Christianity, and therefore, is at war with Christianity. The same is true for Mormonism, the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Buddhism, and secular humanism—they are not merely bystanders, they are hostile enemies of King Jesus. 

What does Scripture say about those who hate God? Proverbs 8:36 makes it clear that, “All who hate [God] love death.” The natural outcome and logical conclusion to false religions hostile towards Jehovah is suicide. Because Islam hates the truth of God as revealed in Christ the Son of God, Islam loves death.  

“Wait,” you might say, “not every Muslim believes in this! You just admitted above that not all do love death!” To which I respond, the death they love doesn’t have to be terrorism. The death that even the most moderate of Muslims love is their own sin. The wages of sin is…death. Just because someone doesn’t blow himself up in an airport doesn’t mean he’s right. He’s still wrong, it’s just less bloody. “Is not your evil abundant? There is no end to your iniquities” (Job 22:5).

Anything opposed to Christ and His dominion in the world ends in death. Only Christ provides the way to abundant life (John 10:10), and only Christ brings resurrection life. Remember: sincerity of religion doesn’t mean it’s a correct religion. Only when King Jesus is worshipped can you move from being a footstool to an adopted son (Psalm 110:1). 

The reason Islam cannot build a sustainable culture in the Middle East is because God frustrates their plans. Any advancement at all is built off the back of Christianity in the West. When Christians touch technology, medicine, and other things related to biblical social theory, culture flourishes; but not Islam. No, Islam is a satanic religion built on the idolatrous claims of covenant-breakers. Remember: there is no neutrality. Which means that Islam as a whole isn’t an innocent bystander in the world—Islam is an enemy of King Jesus. Since every single person is either in Adam, or in Christ the Second Adam, we have to conclude the covenantally speaking, Muslims are covenant-breakers. They are completely at odds with Christ and must repent and turn to Him in order to be forgiven.

The only thing this aberrant religion can do is suffocate itself, promote death, and continue its self-defeating rebellion against King Jesus. Whether an ISIS jihadist or a LDS missionary knocking on people’s doors, anything short of repentance and faith in Christ leads to death. This is why Islam is a culture of death, this is why the secular humanism fronted as Statism here in the U.S. is a culture of death. Those who hate Christ love death. How could they love anything else? After all, they don’t love God.


Jason Garwood

Rev. Jason M. Garwood (M.Div., Th.D.) serves as the teaching pastor at Cross & Crown Church in Northern Virginia, and is the author of Be Holy and The Fight for Joy. Jason and his wife Mary have three children.. He blogs at Connect with him on Twitter: @jasongarwood.

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