Islamic State Attacks Atatürk International Airport In Turkey

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Explosions and gunfire rocked Istanbul's Atatürk International Airport in Turkey Tuesday night. Prime Minister Binali Yildirim announced that 36 people have been killed and 147 have been injured from explosions and gunfire that began around 3:30 pm local time. The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has suspended all U.S. flights in and out of the airport, which is one of the busiest in Europe and a main transit point for foreign fighters in and out of Syria.

"I call on every citizen to act in unity and stand by each other, and I believe that this is going to be the best answer to the terrorists," Yildirim said. While initial indications are that Islamic State is coordinated the attack, he added, "but we are still working on determining the cause."

NBC news is reporting that there were 3 attackers. The first began shooting in the parking lot before blowing himself up. The second attacker blew up in the international levels. The third attacker got inside a greeting point kiosk at the terminal before being noticed by police who started yelling "suicide bomber", but were unable to stop him from exploding. 

The Turkish government convened a crisis management meeting to discuss the attack. U.S. officials are saying that the Islamic State is responsible, and that these attacks do not fit the profile of the Kurdish group P.K.K. that has attack Turkish targets in the past. Turkey has been one of a group of Middle Eastern nations who disagree with the U.S. assessment of the threat from the Islamic State.


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