“Its Not A Compliment, Its Sexual Harassment.”—The Feminazi Advance

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I read a sign in a Public building the other day that said “It's not a compliment, it's sexual harassment ." What kind of a world are these people trying to create? We have all seen guys hitting on a girl that isn't interested in them, and the awkwardness that ensues. Or worse, a jerk that enjoys the discomfort caused by their actions. But is that the majority? Does that call for the bludgeon of the state to be called in to make people's lives more miserable as it does?

As someone that enjoys complimenting women, someone that enjoys the smile it creates, someone that enjoys the lift that it gives. I consider this advancement of Feminaziism a gross personal, as well as societal, loss.

In High School I had the unconscious habit of greeting the ladies that worked in our cafeteria with “Good afternoon ladies, you look lovely today” and never thought twice about it. They would smile, serve me my food and I would continue on with my day. It wasn't until my second year that I realized just how much this impacted these women. One of them took me aside and told me that it made their day. One said that it was more attention than her husband had given her in years. They even tried to not accept payment for my meals (something that I didn't accept and still insisted on paying). The positive impact of this was obvious, I made each of these ladies' lives a little nicer, gave them a little lift by acknowledging their femininity and appeal.

The miserable menopausal emotional misers of Feminism’s leadership and their misled acolytes would have robbed these ladies of this little joy. In fact, I am fairly certain that they would have censured me for referring to them as ladies. Now they have robbed this generation of exactly that kind of playful, innocent interaction.

If feminism is so empowering, shouldn't it give women the confidence to deal with a compliment? Shouldn't it give them the strength to stand up when that sort of thing is used perniciously against them? Instead the leftist answer to everything, the hard hammer of the state, is used to shatter what used to be a wonderful, if nuanced, and occasionally abused social interaction.


Greg Jones

Greg Jones is a Poet, Christian Children's author, and former IT Professional. He is also Proud papa to Timmy the Toaster his first Christian Children's book. Which is now available through the shop now button on his facebook page.