Nazi Salute? Media Spins Meaningless Gesture Of Laura Ingraham

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In the media's unending pursuit of painting Donald trump and his supporters as Nazis, the media and the left have caught a meaningless gesture at the end of Laura Ingraham's RNC speech last night, intimating that it was a Nazi salute . This is not unlike a ludicrous YouTube conspiracy theory video that chops up and takes stills from videos of famous people, catching supposed secret hand gestures and claiming that as proof of conspiracy in some secret cabal.

The idiocy of this reasoning to the intelligent observer is obvious. What is not obvious and terrifying about the whole narrative, as it is being developed by the media, and the left in social media, is how ironic and Orwellian it is. The very technique being used by the media was pioneered by Joseph Goebbels himself. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” The substance of Laura Ingraham's speech was filled with strong American values, yet that substance was ignored in favor of re-reinforcing the drum beat of the lie, that Trump and his supporters are Nazis.

If you make any sort of an honest comparison of the actual values of most of Donald Trump's base and that of the modern left with historical Nazism, the results are terrifying and the exact opposite of what the media is pushing. The modern left in the majority of areas that matter are shockingly close to what the fuhrer practiced and dreamed of.

The narrative developed by the #media, such as with Laura Ingraham, is ironic and Orwellian.—@GregJonesWriter

Much like the modern left, Hitler did not have a well defined ideology. When asked what Nazi-ism was about he would answer that if you would understand National Socialism you must listen to Wagner. This left him free to establish policy through catchy slogans, manipulation of language and emotional manipulation of popular opinion. Sound familiar? "Can we do it? Yes we can!"

Most notable was Hitler's scapegoating of an unpopular people in his country for its woes. This honor has been given to the Christian by the modern left. Christians are characterized as backward bitter-clingers unwilling to give up their guns, and refusing to go along with eugenics (one of Hitler's favorite things) in the form of abortion and euthanasia. While seeking to defend life by protesting abortion, Christians are painted as dangerous terrorists interfering with “progress”. While seeking to protect life with conceal carry they are painted as fostering violence.

Like Hitler, the left sees every aspect of human life as being subject to its control. While Hitler had the Gestapo to enforce his beliefs, the modern left has the media and political correctness to limit thought and bully any that question its ideology, calling anyone racist that questions its right to tell you what to think.

While I have yet to make my conclusions about Donald Trump, from what I understand of his base they are mostly people that are sick of this very bullying. People that love their country. People that see the lunacy of the left and want to be free of it. People that want to return to the very freedoms and rights that made it great in the first place. Free from the government nonsense that has shackled it from doing so. That doesn't sound very Nazi to me.


Greg Jones

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