Planned Parenthood is a Dark, Dark Religion

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The other day I came across a list that Mark Duch had created for why Planned Parenthood is just like a religion. It pulls elements from the Christian religion, as well as common themes from other world religions. I thought it was clever, and have seen some disagreements with it, but I think it's pretty accurate:

The Elect

It has a “group of elect” (certain women) who are said to hold the power of life and death based upon being part of the in-group, and claiming all others are incapable of having opinions about the same because they aren’t part of the in-group.


It has “transubstantiation” whereby doctors are said to have the magical power to transubstantiate a non-person into a person by removing a baby from the womb like a rabbit out of a hat.

Priestly Class

It has a “priestly class” (abortionists) who go unto the altar of the operating table to sacrifice human babies.


It has “atonement” in that the sacrifice of the babies can in some vague way make certain things right in the world which had gone wrong (rape, incest).

Appease the Gods

It “appeases the gods” in that the sacrifice of human babies is said to promote future earthly benefits for the participants (such as job plans, graduating college, future income).


It is “triumphalist” in that it seeks to embed itself in the state and politics to achieve its goals; not by showing the world plainly what it does and engaging in honest persuasion, but by euphemism, taking taxes from the public, and giving bribes to politicians and demanding their dogmas be taught in public schools.

Forced Conversion

It uses “forced conversion,” harnessing the coercive, violent power of the state to spread its influence all over globe. It conditions foreign aid on acceptance of their doctrines and methods, despite widespread popular opposition in their target countries.


It opens its “churches” primarily in poor, minority neighborhoods with few options, asking them to give up what they hold most dear, their children.


Its “bishops” cover up their priests’ exploitation of children (as plain as day in the videos).


Its “laity” make public apologies for the crimes of the hierarchy because the church “does so much good” by providing limited social services.


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