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It has been only a few days since Betsy DeVos was officially confirmed as the eleventh Secretary of Education since the inception of the United States Department of Education (DoED) in 1980. Sparks of displeasure were already set at the announcement of the President’s cabinet pick, but once DeVos was confirmed, in a historical Vice President tiebreaker, the internet was officially set ablaze with scorn. You don’t have to look too far to find an article, a tweet, or a meme that gives you an idea of the indignant emotional state of many fragile Americans. Of course it wouldn’t be proper popular culture etiquette if we didn’t at least pay homage to the myriad of celebrities that gave their “unbiased” opinions regarding DeVos’s confirmation via social media.





Now of course that is just a small appetizer, there were many other very important people who voiced their very important opinions, but that’s enough to get a taste and still not care. Why the disdain? Why the emotional tirades? Are we lowly peasants missing something, some determent only observable to liberal thespians and the National Education Association (NEA)? The fact is that this latest GOP calamity has many layers. Naturally and most assuredly it upsets the political balance of things, a balance of worldviews and influence. Let’s take a look at a few layers of this divisive little onion of concerns regarding DeVos, shall we?


This mantra is the one most notably sweeping through teachers unions and the most recognizable accusation found on cardboard signs of justice. DeVos’s opponents say she is unfit for the position and her career experience is lacking, nay absent, in the eyes of many. Welcome to the government folks. Newsflash! This just in, another unelected government bureaucrat gets a position with little to no experience! Really, isn’t this business as usual? Let’s set this ship to sail and see where it blows. We will call that a nonissue at this point. To make matters more frustrating DeVos has an undergrad in business economics from, quick hide the children, a private Christian college. Yes, you heard that right folks. The nerve. What if she advocates for Intelligent Design being taught alongside evolution? Or worst yet, Creationism? But wait that’s not all, she is also financially, how do we say, secure. Her wealthy family has donated quite handsomely to GOP platforms in the past. How dare they use their money as they see fit. It’s the perfect storm to conjure liberal outrage as it heads straight towards their crown jewel of public education.

School Choice

DeVos is a proponent of school choice; in fact she is seen by many as a champion of the movement. When school choice is coupled with the infamous buzzword of “vouchers” it sends chills down the spines of many public school only advocates. But hey, look at the silver lining, they’re still government-funded, so it still gets to be theft by taxation to pay for other people’s stuff. Common ground perhaps? On a serious note, school choice and vouchers programs are seen as poison in the well for the likes of the NEA and other lobbyists. That is too much freedom to stomach. Ironically, when has the idea of “choice” been a point of contention for the liberal platform? Inconsistent much? Some of the rhetoric surrounding the loathing for vouchers has its roots in segregation. Today the fear is surrounded on the idea of vouchers being a catalyst for the privatization of education and the dismantling of government schools. The thought of education being in the hands of the free market is unthinkable in liberal union circles.

Hating Trump Trumps Everything

Turn on any media outlet these days and you will find someone holding a sign, that sign usually is in reference to something President Trump has done, said, or imagined (I know). Social justice warriors will literally scoff at anything that has ties to Trump. The mere fact that DeVos was appointed by President Trump is a reason in itself to hate her. If you have no grasp of how public education ticks, or any inkling at all as to the fabric of the liberal lobby, you can at least join the fight because you hate Trump. Hollywood is running point on this front for sure. Culture does not always circle the drain at the least common denominator; it uses hash tags and public universities these days. No more needs to be said to this point, it is simply just because, Trump.

Applying the Tourniquet

The real, underlying issue beneath the DeVos disdain is the sheer fact that the liberal super powers have been cut to their knees, their influence is eroding and they are in preservation mode. Apply direct pressure, elevate, tourniquet. They are simply trying to stop the hemorrhaging caused by the latest regime change and the fire has never felt hotter. For years liberal ideology has plagued the public school system and it has molded it into its own image. The biggest lobbying strong arm has been the NEA, an organization with an agenda, an agenda that doesn’t have room for conservatism, free market, or anything remotely Christian. At this point we must be aware of something very important, a myth that has been circulating in the minds of many, the myth of neutrality. Education is not a neutral endeavor. Public education has a purpose, an agenda, and a thesis. Many well meaning parents have taken this myth hook, line, and sinker. When the idea of the government education system having an agenda is brought up most times the response is, “Well, my school is different.” But is it? How many Christian parents have every actually perused through their son or daughter’s science textbook for a public school biology class? Having studied education in my undergrad I can tell you the birth of the public school system as we know it was meant to be the antithesis of the Christian worldview, wrought with Darwinian thought and socialist ideals. John Dewey, one of the patriarchs (triggered) of the public school system and signer of the Humanist Manifesto himself was riddled with socialist ideology and advocated for his version of the “common faith.” The confirmation of Secretary DeVos is literally a shot through the heart of everything held dear to this God-less system. There has been a shift in the conversation and a shaking at its foundations. It was a system that was bankrupt from the beginning and has now started its decent into ashes, but not without a fight.

The most revealing sentiment to be unearthed through these last few days has been the utter hypocrisy and inconsistency of the liberal soapbox. This tweet sent out by Joss Whedon sums it up beautifully:



There you have it, “war on children.” You want to talk about a war on children? How about the thousands that are slaughtered in the womb in this country every single day? Or the 60 million children who have died since the non-law court opinion of Roe v. Wade, a liberal platform staple. They cannot attend your schools, they’re dead. They can’t be indoctrinated ad nauseam, they never had a chance. War on children? This ineffectual sentimentalism is being vomited all across the nation, a bankrupt altruism that dehumanizes the preborn and at the same time pretends to be “for the children.” The gig is up, the veil has been lifted, and the light is scattering the darkness.

So, do I think DeVos was a good choice for the Department of Education? Yes and no. It has cracked the foundation of the system and upset the balance, but why stop there? #EndTheEd


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