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Pro-Choice Women Aren’t Capable of Making Their Own Decisions

Pro-choice women aren’t capable of making their own decisions. They are under the delusion that taking the life of the human growing inside them isn’t murder. These women’s arguments and excuses are belligerent, incoherent, and inconsistent. The pro-choice position is a fluid, ever changing array of arguments meant to address a changing culture. In contrast, the pro-life argument has always been and remains established on the following simple premise:

Life begins at conception, and to kill this innocent human life is murder.

A common argument of pro-choice women, according to the anti-abortion ministry is "Women can do what they want with their body", or as is commonly phrased “my body, my choice”. Most will not admit that they deprive the child of ownership over their own body, since they are making the choice on behalf of the child to end it’s life. If they were honest, the rhetoric would not be “my body, my choice”, but rather “our bodies, my choice”. Sadly, they are all to willing to share their body with others, except with the only one who’s life actually depends on it. If these women were truly making a decision about their body alone, and not the body of the child, they would be responsible to ensure the child remains unharmed once removed from their body. In reality, the woman violates the body of the unborn child the moment they poison it with pills and injections, an abortionist mutilates the child before removing it’s remains from the women’s womb, or the child is murdered post abortion by an abortionist.


When confronted with this simple reality, most of these women will revert to sarcasm, or incoherent statements conflating human life with sperm, unfertilized eggs, or body parts. Their failure to acknowledge truth, and their willingness to share their body with other men for sex, but not for an innocent child who’s life depends on their nurturing womb confirms their incapability to make their own decisions. Rational people protect the life of others when faced with the responsibility to do so.

A second common argument of pro-choice women is that they are being controlled and enslaved by men. This is an insult to the millions of African Americans, whose ancestors were kidnapped and enslaved by European Imperialists. American slavery commonly resulted in slaves being killed at the hands of slave owners, and were classified less-than-human by those who kidnapped and enslaved them. Today, a unborn child is not classified as human until it is deemed worthy of being born by the mother. The child which life will end at the hands of an abortionist is merely a zygote, embryo, or fetus. It is not slavery to uphold the right to right of innocent human life. Pro-life people are not demanding special rights for the child, only equal rights as the mother, the right to life. Women, who cannot understand the basic human right to life, conflating this with slavery, and in the process insulting the millions of descendants of real slaves, are not capable of making their own decision. Rational people uphold every innocent human’s right to life.

A third common argument of pro-choice women is that the child is unwanted or unaffordable, and will end up in an unloving home or welfare. This argument is dishonest, and is merely an attempt to use the political positions of the right against them. This rhetoric is frequently accompanied with an attempt to blame pro-life people for only caring about the unborn, which obviously isn’t true considering the thousands of hospitals, women’s shelters and clinics, adoption agencies, and adoptive parents pro-life people have established. If this was an honest argument, pro-choice women would replace abortion clinics with adoption clinics. This whole argument of being unwanted is a dangerous slippery slope, which, if the right to life was dependent on this criteria, would result in the deaths of millions more. Women, who when given alternative options, still choose to murder their unborn child, are not capable of making their own decisions.

The capability of a woman making their own decision is dependent on the individual being of sound mind, of age, and not a threat to self or others. When this criteria is not met, those individuals are likely to find themselves under the supervision of doctors, parents, or guards. Abortion being accepted in society, does not qualify it as rational belief, but rather the current form of legalized genocide, which people in the future will look back in horror and wonder what were they thinking.


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