Pronoun Power: Where Is The Line Drawn?

OREGON: It’s getting ridiculous.

It is hard to imagine that a nation has gone from exploring space, to putting men in females restrooms. But, why am I surprised? There is nothing new under the sun.

The Daily Caller reports an Oregon teacher, Leo Soell, was awarded $60,000 from the school district as the result of a lawsuit. The reason? They refused to refer to Leo Soell as “They”. Though Soell was born a woman, she now wishes to identify as neither male nor female. She even went so far in 2014 to pay a surgeon to mutilate her so she could appear more masculine and become more "gender neutral". Upon returning to work she claimed continuing harassment, while an internal school investigation found nothing. When she hired an attorney and filed an official complaint, school district officials quickly paid her the $60,000 and implemented a host of new policies to make the district more "transgender friendly". Oregon already has a history of it's Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian forcing private citizens to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars over sexual identity issues.

Is this right? Is it even reasonable?

As Christians, we determine what is “reasonable” through the lens of a Christian worldview, but is this even reasonable secularly speaking? Secularists would largely claim the way they determine what is “reasonable” is subjective. What is reasonable for me is reasonable for me, and reasonableness to you may be something wholly other—ultimately leading to the erosion of absolutes. Either way, most secular humanist types pretend to “abhor” mistreatment of fellow humans. My, my, how they step on their own toes.

What right does this transvestite have to demand what other people call her, him, or whatever? What right does anyone have which would allow them to do this? If my boss refused to call me Bozo the Clown because it is unprofessional, what right do I have to demand from him that he call me Bozo the Clown? Isn’t this an infringement upon our freedom of speech? It seems by this same logic, I could demand to be called the F-bomb in the workplace and no one could do anything about it. In fact, if they refused, they’d have to pay me $60,000.


Does this seem reasonable?

A person’s freedom ends where another’s begins. The founding fathers understood that point. In this case, the school district, as an entity, has been bullied. Soell would not be psychologically or emotionally harmed if the district were to refer to her, or him, by the proper pronoun. That would be psychologically impossible apart from some mental disturbance, in which case this person would require treatment.

Moreover, what does “they” even mean? It’s a plural pronoun. It doesn’t even make sense within the English language to refer to a singular person in this way. Does this person have a split personality which causes this person to consider himself or herself plural? Perhaps psychological treatment is, again, in order.

To what can we look forward to as a culture? People will soon be sued all across the nation for the same such ridiculousness.

By what standard can we rely upon to prevent these consequences upon American society? This standard must be objective, something which is not influenced by the minds of people. The minds of people pour upon us heaps of trouble, as we can see from a brief look at history.

I submit that the Christian religion, along with the Bible, is the truly objective solution. But until repentance occurs, en masse, these problems will persist.


Josh Sommer

Josh Sommer is the co-founder and editor of the Reformed Collective. He is currently pursuing his B.A. in Biblical Studies and M. Div. simultaneously, and while doing that he'd like to bring you some input on current events, from a solid Reformed perspective.

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