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Quick Hitter: Obama Pays Ransom, Endangers Americans

Tim Dukeman comments
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A few quick points on the Obama Administration admitting that they paid ransom:

  1. Iran (the recipient of the ransom payment) is a terrorist state. Obama's own State Department has declared Iran the #1 State Sponsor of Terrorism in the world. Iran is a terrorist state, and they'll use this ransom money to kill people. That's the inescapable reality.
  2. This was absolutely a ransom payment. Iran took hostages, and didn't release them until they had received the cash. The plane carrying the hostages sat on the tarmac for hours until the pile of money arrived.
  3. It was a cash payment. They had to launder the money into foreign currency before loading it onto an unmarked cargo plane, and then delivering the whole pile of money. Nothing shady about that, right?
  4. Americans are going to die because of this. We shouldn't only include the Americans who will inevitably die in terrorist attacks that were funded using the hundreds of millions of dollars in untraceable foreign currency. We should also include the Americans who will die because Obama has set a clear precedent that the United States will happily negotiate with terrorists for the release of hostages. Iran kidnapped two additional hostages while this ransom was being negotiated. 
  5. Americans detained in Iran are hostages. We know this because none of them have committed any crimes. Iran is holding them hostage to extract concessions from the US Government, just like any other terrorist group would do.


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