Quick Hitter: Ted Cruz Does Not Endorse

Tim Dukeman comments
| Politics

On Ted Cruz's non-endorsement, a few points:

  1. He didn't promise to endorse as a condition of taking the speaking slot.
  2. He didn't say anything bad about Trump, and congratulated him on winning the nomination.
  3. Trump is the candidate who referred to Cruz incessantly as Lyin' Ted, who insinuated that Cruz's wife is ugly, and who parroted TWO conspiracy theories: (that Cruz's father killed JFK, and that Cruz committed adultery with five different women.)
  4. We're talking about the candidate who praised Planned Parenthood on national television, several times. Donald Trump said repeatedly that Planned Parenthood does "wonderful things."


It does not appear that the election will be close enough for this non-endorsement to be the difference. If Trump loses narrowly, we may eventually rue this day. But if you want to blame someone for Ted Cruz not endorsing the Republican nominee, blame Donald Trump. 

He made his bed, and now he has to lie in it.


Tim Dukeman

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