Return Of The King

BELLFLOWER, CA—Christians across the globe felt a great surge of excitement last Thursday night as Evangelist Ray Comfort, Founder and CEO of Living Waters ministry located in Southern California’s city of Bellflower, announced that he and his team are planning to bring their award winning television program, The Way of the Master, back on air with new content.

Living Waters ministry teaches the biblical principle of using the moral Law of God, known as the Ten Commandments, to give the lost knowledge of their sins in order to prepare their hearts for the good news of Jesus Christ. Throughout church history, this technique, as seen in their foundational message Hell’s Best Kept Secret, has been used by a wide range of notable evangelists—from the Apostles to Charles Spurgeon. While some have accused the ministry of teaching salvation by keeping of the Law, It is clear from their presentations they don't teach that the Law saves. The method simply shows a person their need to be saved, which only comes by grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone. Comfort is known for bringing this biblical evangelistic key, citing it's use by Jesus Himself and yet forgotten by many at one point, back to the forefront of the evangelical church’s consciousness.

The program, beloved by the Church worldwide and endorsed by men such as Ravi Zacharias, was hosted by Ray Comfort and actor Kirk Cameron, known from the sitcom Growing Pains. According to the ministry’s website, the program has aired in over “190 countries, offer(ing) a unique and fascinating twist on reality TV.” Their "twist" are the public presentations of the Gospel at beaches, college campuses—even traveling aboard an airplane. Not only do they instruct Christians on how to share their faith, but they show real interactions in real situations. Before it's hiatus, there were four seasons with fifty-two episodes. Comfort, in a video shared on various social media platforms, explains that many Christians have found that the program has given them the tools needed to share the Gospel. They also get mail telling them that the show has been used by God to save “atheists, lukewarm church goers, and those in other religions.”

Comfort and company have created a hashtag for their campaign to bring their show back into the homes of Christians and non-Christians worldwide: #bringWOTMback. Along with the hashtag, they also professionally rebuilt and designed their studio where weekly episodes, instead of the old thirteen-episode season format, will be shot and filmed. The Living Waters’ leadership team stepped out in faith and built their studio without raising additional funds, and are now asking those who have benefited from The Way of the Master to take three important steps to see this project come to fruition in a timely and cost effective fashion. The first step is prayer. The second step is to share their fundraising campaign on social media platforms using their hashtag so that family, friends, and acquaintances will be made aware. The final step is to donate. The cost of revamping their studio and producing new weekly episodes for the first year back on television is $350,000. Depending on the amount donated, there are various ways Comfort and team are saying thank you to their partners, from receiving a digital copy of season five’s pilot episode to attending an exclusive launch party with the Living Waters team.

The surge of excitement was real as many watched Ray Comfort speak on this campaign last Thursday night. This much-needed show has been used by God to strengthen and equip His global Church for the work of evangelism as well as bringing lost sinners to the foot of the Cross for salvation. May God not only #bringWOTMback, but cause the show to flourish like never before!

Season 5 of The Way of the Master will be out later this year.


Lamont English

Lamont English is the assistant director of Mission to the World’s West Coast Office. He is currently enrolled at Birmingham Theological Seminary and pursuing a Master of Arts in Public Theology. He has a heart for evangelism and apologetics as well as teaching others how to share and defend their faith. He and his wife live in Southern California with their three boys and are members at Christ Presbyterian Church in Temecula, CA.