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The Doctrine Of Woke

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Woke. We have all heard this term. It’s used on Social Media by many of our friends and relatives as well as ourselves. Essentially the word is slang, obviously a shortened version of “awake” or the literal past tense of the same word. Why do we use this word and why has it become a common word for expressing one’s intellectual strength and ability to see past surface arguments? Whether it be conspiracies, classical liberalism (Rothbardian Libertarians), social justice and so forth. It is often used in a snobbish, “I know better than you” tone. It’s often used as an air of superiority to gain the attention of those you wish to “school” on an issue. Being honest though, it’s often a self-proclaimed title that damages discussions more than helps them (Proverbs 20:6, Jeremiah 9:23).

What I find interesting is why it is a popular term. I believe I know why and can explain. Many of the nations that occupy this current era hold to this “Woke Doctrine” but in a more nuanced form. This idea of being “woke” is an embedded presupposition that finds its roots and origins in the philosophy of humanism—more specifically out of the Enlightenment Era. Locke, Rousseau and Kant were some of the heavy lifters as it pertains to this humanistic Doctrine of Enlightenment. Sadly, many Christians and churches hold to this philosophy. Of course not openly but they have been discipled through the state schools to presuppose it in all their thinking.

Essentially the idea is that man must mine his proverbial environment for information in order to find the truth of a matter. The claim is that what man lacks in his being is information and experience. The idea comes from an unbiblical presupposition, that is ironically circular, claiming that man must use his cognitive reasoning to arrive at a conclusion about any given matter, whether it be economics, political theory, religion, family, relationships, work, finances, education and the list goes on. In this philosophical worldview, God is not the final arbiter of what is right and wrong. Instead Man and his reasoning are what brings a person to the conclusions of what actions, thoughts and even words are immoral. Man exchanges himself in the place of God and returns himself back to the snake in the garden determining, for himself, what is good and evil.

What’s the big deal Carey? You sound like another Christian who is blowing every little thing out of the water and making a mountain out of a mole hill. Well, if a presupposition manifests itself in the mind of a man as a mole hill, that man most certainly will make it his mountain. “Woke” is just the snowcap on the mountain of Enlightenment Doctrine.

Well, if a presupposition manifests itself in the mind of a man as a mole hill, that man most certainly will make it his mountain. “Woke” is just the snowcap on the mountain of Enlightenment Doctrine.—@SolaApologia

Salvation comes through Jesus Christ alone. There is no other name under heaven by which man can be saved (Acts 4:12). God has declared that man is sinful and fallen (Romans 1-3). In fact, even man’s ability to reason is fallen (Ephesians 4:18,Romans 1:21) it has not remained intact apart from his sinful nature. Man’s sinful nature informs his intellect and thereby man interprets his surroundings via this fallen intellect. In other words, whatever information we do gather from our environment will also be corrupted to fit our fallen view of the world around us.

Woke finds it’s roots in the presupposition that man is not fallen and is “Neutral” to God and God’s Creation. The idea follows that through man’s intellectual endeavors he may accent to any god that he can make “sense” of. This is also where the “all paths lead to the same god” argument. Well, we know that the “flesh is of no use,” according to John 6:63, and that mankind’s reasoning has been darkened. In fact Jesus counters the Enlightenment Idea’s long before they were systematized by saying that in order for a man to enter into the Kingdom of God he must be “Born Again” (John 3).

Humanism attempts to provide salvation for mankind apart from Christ and fails miserably. Sadly this same demonic philosophy is continuously pushed in the school as well as churches. We need more evidence, we need more information. Paul says something about continuously seeking more knowledge but never arriving at a conclusion. “always learning and never able to arrive at a knowledge of the truth.” (2 Tim 3:7). We even go so far to blame the actions of criminals and evil doers on the environment they grew up in. After all, if all that a man is, is the information he has gathered from his experiences then all that can be blamed is his environment. He is a victim of the stimulus and experiences of his life. All he knows how to do it mimic what he has learned. Man no longer is moral but merely a mirror. See how easy it was to dismiss moral decisions with this philosophy?

Christianity offers a different kind of “Woke”. His name is Christ. He is the Way the Truth and the Life (John 14:6). Regeneration is being “Woke” for the Christian. It means to be born of God. To be Awakened from death into life. Knowledge will not Regenerate you nor can it change you. Merely seeing horrendous photos of holocaust victims will not create a moral man in you where there was once an immoral one. Seeing pictures of aborted babies will not cause you to cry out to God either. Yes, information is a good thing and God calls us to proclaim the Truth but only Christ can save your soul. No amount of information can do for your eternal soul what Christ and only Christ can do. Faith is our shield and truth is our sword, which is from God. Both in their proper places makes the Christian truly, in a biblical sense, woke.


Carey Appling

Carey is 32, married for 12 years to his beautiful wife Sara and has 3 children. He is also an Abolitionist out of Houston, Tx.