The LGBT Mafia Claims Another Victim, CrossFit Spokesman Russell Berger

The LGBTQ mafia has claimed another victim. Russell Berger, de-facto spokesman for CrossFit was fired from his position at the company yesterday after he tweeted the following from his personal account.

As someone who personally believes celebrating 'pride' is a sin, I'd like to personally encourage #CrossFitInfiltrate for standing by their convictions and refusing to host an @indypride workout,” Berger wrote. “The intolerance of the LGBTQ ideology toward any alternative views is mind-blowing.”

This tweet causes a firestorm across the Twittersphere and was soon picked up by media outlets such as BuzzFeed and Deadspin, before being published by local stations across the country, as well as other media outlets. The backlashes against his beliefs have been severe and unmerciful across social media. His Facebook profile has been flooded with hateful and demeaning comments from random strangers.

When I spoke with Russell on the phone, he told me he has received many more positive messages privately than the negative messages he is receiving publicly on his social media accounts. Many of those who message him fear backlash from the LGBTQ mafia. Russell tells me many of the messages he has received have come from non-Christians, as well as Christians, including some who disagree with his view, but support his freedom of speech, as well as self-identified homosexuals in the CrossFit community, who abhor the bullying done by activists in the LGBTQ community. He tells me he has received so many messages privately that he is unable to respond to them all, but is appreciative of the support he has received across the country.

This, of course, is no longer surprising to many in this country, as we have become accustomed to these kinds of attacks on different viewpoints in the last few years. This is the strategy of a small but vocal contengency of LGBTQ activists, who use harassment, character assassination, and slander to silence viewpoints they disagree with, and ultimately try to punish these individuals causing them loss of employment and opportunity.

Nevertheless, Russell says he understands the CrossFit founder’s response, and respects his decision.

Unfortunately this is becoming more common in this country, even as the social progressives continue to advocate for a platform of anti-bullying, while at the same time participating in frequent strategies of bullying and harassment against those with opposing views. The hypocrisy is blatantly obvious, and is nothing new. They have always been intolerant of different viewpoints, even as they preached a message of tolerance, and fail to realize how intolerant they themselves become when they are not tolerant of other viewpoints. The progressives in this country are no respecters of the Constitution and the first amendment, and do not follow their own ideological principles. Earlier this week we saw another example of this, when the Supreme Court ruled against the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, after recognizing their hypocrisy and unfair treatment of a religious business owner. These kind of attacks are happening both through means of the government, like the CCRC, and in our culture.

The consequences people of faith and conservatives are facing for their views across the country are severe, and usually do not fit the “crime”. They face job losses, the loss of their businesses, ridiculous fines, re-education classes, and public defamation. The path of destruction left by these progressive activists only highlight how intolerant they are, and who the real bullies are. The irony is that the attacks against people of faith who hold to the traditional view of scripture are usually far more severe than they consequences that these attackers face, when confronted with business owners and individuals who stand by their convictions.

This is apparent when you look at the punishments Masterpiece Cakeshop, Sweet Cakes By Melissa, Brendan Eich, and Russell Berger faced when they disagreed with blatant celebrations of what they consider sin. Being denied a gay wedding cake, or a venue to celebrate a pride event results in hurt feelings and inconvenience. Holding those views results in loss of employment and businesses, and a public smear campaign against your character.

When I asked about Russell’s Christian views, he responded:

“My statement fits within a Christian theology, which says we are all sinners, and if you truly care about someone and their soul, then you must tell them the truth about sin. This is not an attack on the individual nor does it come from hate. From the Christian world-view, the most hateful thing you could do to someone is not to tell them the truth. We all need to hear this so we can turn to Christ, trust in God, and be saved.”

He continued:

“The irony of the backlash against my views, is that the same theology, which leads me to recognize we are guilty of sin, and shouldn’t celebrate it, leads me also to recognize that every human being as an image bearer of god, worthy of dignity and respect.”

I asked how he feels about those who consider his praise of the gym’s decision not to celebrate the pride event disrespectful, he responded:

“I want LGBTQ people to be saved from their sins, and not revel in them, and that begins with a cautious but loving acknowledgement of pride as a sin.”

Pretty standard understanding from the Christian worldview, and certainly not worth of the harassment, slandering and bullying Russell Berger is facing.

When I asked what the future holds, he tells me he has received a lot of job offers, but plans on taking a break to focus on his family and enjoy time with his kids, and is considering launching an apologetics ministry with a fellow pastor, something he had already planned on doing priority to the attacks from the LGBTQ mafia.


Scott Taylor

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