Pop Singer Encourages Women To Realize Their Beauty

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It is 2017 and we are still fighting body shaming. Men are constantly judging women based on how they look even though every single woman is beautiful. Recently, pop singer Alessia Gomez allowed us to follow her around for one day to express her support for all the women who feel badly about their bodies and faces. “Its 2017,” she says, “and women need to realize that they are beautiful just the way they are. Every women needs to understand that no matter what they look like, they are beautiful.”

Gomez’ day began at the gym where she spent an hour with her personal trainer. “I’ve really been working hard to shave off a few pounds for my upcoming music video. My producer says the camera adds a little weight.”

I asked how she felt about all the women at the gym. “Well, during my workout, I just look around and see all these beautiful women. I just want to shout, ‘You are beautiful, no matter your weight!’ Women will only realize their beauty when they stop feeling like they have to workout so much to impress men. Men need to love them for who they are, not for how their bodies look.”

Next, Gomez was especially kind to let us in on her weekly visit to Sephora and Ulta. “I don’t know what I would do if Sephora and Ulta weren’t right next to each other in the mall,” she said. As we walked up and down each aisle she began to explain how women should continue the revolution. “It is important for women to start with the blatant fact that they are beautiful. I think I heard this quote one time from a guy named Bahnsen—he was saying that there are some things we need to presuppose, like things we need to believe before we believe anything else in life. He was a bigoted Christian so I didn’t agree with the rest of sentence but I think women need to presuppose their beauty. It is so important to start with the fact that they are beautiful and order their whole lives around that. Some women get so bogged down in all the makeup, selfies, workout routines, new fad diets, and everything else. Women should take some time off, like go a day without makeup and be completely confident.

“One other thing I think is important is promoting music that supports and encourages women to act beautiful. Meghan Trainor is putting out some great stuff like this right now. And of course, my new album, Beauty Beneath the Skin, is coming out next month.”

By the time the makeup trip was over, my crew realized it was 8:00 pm. After we helped the pop star carry her $4,000 Sephora purchase to the car, we asked her for one last statement. “This is for all you women out there who are striving to look beautiful all the time. Cool it with the makeup and dieting for awhile. Be confident, love your bodies, be yourself.”

As we were leaving, the inspirational pop star thanked us for the opportunity and headed towards Ulta.


Konrad Holden

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