The Problem Of Police Violence In America

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America has always had a problem with racism, but racism highlights an even bigger problem in America. Yes, racism in itself is sinful, poisonous to humanity, and ugly. Yet, racists do not truly become a threat until they have power, and racists have a long history of having power in this country. This is only part of the problem, because racists with power have that power because the power structure exist to begin with.

So what is this power structure? This power structure is a mixture of Democracy and an armed police force. It is the mob giving consent to an armed government agent to commit violence against a non compliant individual, usually the minority (minority being defined as not only race, but minor political ideology). Most people do not realize this, but when we vote, many times we are committing an act of violence against our neighbor. We are giving our approval to an armed government agent to enforce new laws and taxes by all means necessary, including theft and murder at the hands of a government agent.  

But let’s step back for a minute…

Mob rule in itself is an act of violence, which is Democracy, yet the truth is that the majority is not ruling over the minority. Even if this were true, it would be problematic, but it’s not true. Not everyone votes and not everyone can vote. The mob committing violence against their neighbors, is simply a majority of voters, which many times is less than 50% of the population. If a new law passes with 51% of the vote, that is not 51% of the population voting, that is 51% percent of the voters. In the 2016 presidential election, Trump did not win with the consent of 50% of the population, he won with roughly 19%, and for all the outcry of Trump losing the popular vote, had Hillary won the electoral college, she would have still won with rough the consent of 19% of the population.

So while we have this toxic mix of democracy and an armed police force as a power structure, it is not even majority rule, it is minority rule. It is a power hungry mob, a minority of the population, using armed government agents to commit violence against the majority in the event of non compliance. Sometimes, an armed government agent when confronted with non-compliance, commits a greater crime than the law they are upholding. They have been given the approval by the mob to commit theft, kidnapping, and murder against their neighbor for non-compliance. This is as true for back taxes, as it is for issuing a speeding ticket, as it is to CPS confronting a parent with an alternative lifestyle. The truth is any situation can be escalated to the point of violence against a non-compliant citizen.

Part of the problem is there is no objective standard of law in this country. Murder is wrong not because it is objectively wrong, but because the majority of voters say it’s wrong. Theft is wrong not because it’s objectively wrong, but because the majority of voters say it’s wrong, and the same goes for kidnapping. If it were truly based on an objective moral standard, then it would be just as wrong for an armed government agent to commit murder, theft, and kidnapping as it would be for a private citizen. But the truth is armed government agents regularly commit theft, kidnapping, and murder against private citizens because they have been given the task by the majority of voters to enforce laws and squash non-compliance by any means necessary. Non-compliance with the mob rule can be escalated to increasing violence, and situations are only de-esculated with a non-compliant individual complies with the mob rule.

So who’s to blame? 

Democrats. Republicans. Conservatives. Liberals. Progressives. Tea-partiers. 

All the democracy loving people of America, as long as they continue to vote their party in power to pass new laws, and create new taxes, new regulations, and new fines are guilty of committing violence against their neighbor. Our immigration policy is violence against our neighbor. Obamacare is violence against our neighbor. Environmental regulations is violence against our neighbor. Gun control is violence against our neighbor. Tax laws is violence against our neighbor. Public schools is violence against our neighbor. The military is violence against our neighbor. Every one of these examples commit violence against our neighbor when they are funded with taxes, and enforced through laws and regulations. Not one example above is an objective moral standard of law. There is no protection of life, liberty, and property in any example above.

So back to racism, racists with power, is nothing more than a voting majority of racists creating laws and rules against a minority race and giving consent to an armed government agent to enforce their will by any means necessary. The police are given this consent by the majority voters. So if you truly want to stop police violence, educate yourself, and think twice before you vote for something that might require the police to enforce subjective laws, and collect funds by any means necessary. Republicans, you who supposedly believe in limited government, and have an inherit distrust of government, why do you support the violent, armed wing of the government? Who do you think will come for your guns, and enter your places of worship if your First and Second Amendments are infringed on? Democrats, those who supposedly distrust the police state, and are opposed to racism, why do you continual create new programs, laws, and regulations that must be enforced by violence? Who do you think is disproportionately affected when new taxes must be collected, new regulations must be enforced, and new laws must be followed? Who is more negatively affected by business licenses, regulations, and taxes, the white entrepreneur, or the minority entrepreneur, the rich or the poor? Both parties are guilty currently and historically of upholding this power system of democracy and armed government. 

There is a way to talk about without all the baggage associated with it—being opposed to racism is not approval of the statist policies, and being in favor of limited government is not approval of racism—but lusting for control of this power structure is racist, and both parties are guilty of this. If it wasn't racism, then it would simply be another form of tribalism committing act against those outside the tribe. Until we tear down this system, until we rid ourselves of heavy regulations, burdensome taxes, and compulsatory programs, and until we revoke consent given to armed government agents to enforce government by any means necessary, then we will never truly address racism, and all other forms of tribalism.


Scott Taylor

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