Ubuntu 16.04 LTS: Canonical Releases Update for Linux-Based Operating System

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Xenial Xerus, Canonical's latest iteration of its free, stable, slick modern operating system is high on reliability though low on new features. It has recieved respectable praise and some criticism. This long term release will have update support until 2020 when its life cycle ends. With lots of security updates and bug fixes, 16.04.01 saves hundreds of megs of updates on install. Users hungry to use Linux Kernel 4.7 and new hardware enablement stacks will have to wait until February 2017 for the release of 16.04.2 LTS.

One of the new features that has long term Ubuntu users excited is Snappy apps. It is designed to fix dependency problems that have made installing and upgrading software a nightmare at times in previous versions. Snap packages will allow users to install software that would have previously caused package compatibility problems by allowing installation and running of packages in each program's own area.

For users concerned about privacy, Unity 7 Dash Searches will no longer come set to search online through Canonical and have your information sent to third parties by default. This 'feature' was called Spyware by many, including the famed Richard Stallman.

While not Ubuntu's sexiest release, resolving serious issues in the areas of stability and software compatibility, Xenial Xerus is a strong step forward for Canonical.


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