US Stealth Technology Losing Edge to China

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China is making headlines with the news that they’ve cracked a way to detect stealth technology. The article is making waves in Defense sectors, and rightfully so. The US government expects to spend over $1.45 trillion by the time development on the “stealth” F-35 completes. Already $400 billion has been spent on the project that some military designers think was a “dumb idea.”

Pierre Sprey states that the government’s intention with the F-35 program is to "spend money," well at least on weapons, certainly not on personnel

However we may feel about the US Government’s unquenchable desire to “spend, spend, spend,” it’s quite ironic that this new technology may level the supposed advantages of a majority of these expenses. Based upon China Electronics Technology Group Corporation's (CETC) release, they report the ability to detect stealth at about 62 miles (100km) away, the classified range is probably an order of magnitude greater. Calling it a "single-photon quantum radar system" and claiming to utilize the phenomenon Quantum Entanglement, this would be a huge blow to US stealth advantages and raises an interesting thought.

Does stealth technology line up with a biblical just war theory?

The following describes the condition for just war application:

  1. Just cause. All aggression is condemned; only defensive war is legitimate.
  2. Just intention. The only legitimate intention is to secure a just peace for all involved. Neither revenge nor conquest nor economic gain nor ideological supremacy are justified.
  3. Last resort. War may only be entered upon when all negotiations and compromise have been tried and failed.
  4. Formal declaration. Since the use of military force is the prerogative of governments, not of private individuals, a state of war must be officially declared by the highest authorities.
  5. Limited objectives. If the purpose is peace, then unconditional surrender or the destruction of a nation's economic or political institutions is an unwarranted objective.
  6. Proportionate means. The weaponry and the force used should be limited to what is needed to repel the aggression and deter future attacks, that is to say to secure a just peace. Total or unlimited war is ruled out.
  7. Noncombatant immunity. Since war is an official act of government, only those who are officially agents of government may fight, and individuals not actively contributing to the conflict (including POW's and casualties as well as civilian nonparticipants) should be immune from attack." 

(War: Four Christian Views - The Just War, pgs. 120-121)

God wanted Israel to be able to defend its borders, and gave numerous examples of subduing nations that were aggressive in warfare. Many biblical leaders have been raised up to defend against these hostile nations, Moses (Exodus 3:1-14:31), Joshua (Joshua 6:1-27), Gideon (Judges 6:14), King Saul (1 Samuel 15:1-35), King David (1 Samuel 29:1-30:25). Oppressive nations are opposed by the Lord (Numbers 10:9).

If this is the case, then why should we be surprised about a technological bent towards defensive rather than offensive warfare. Stealth technology is inherently offensive, its purpose is to project power into hostile territory undetected. Whereas a Just War’s purpose is to “subdue or repeal aggression.”

Instead we should focus our efforts on the true weapons of Kingdom warfare, and not those of the world. 

 “When parents rear godly children, they dominate and govern both commerce and civil government in due time.” – R.J. Rushdoony

Maybe we’d save a few trillion in the process.


Joe Graham

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