Viral Conspiracy Site “Bad Self Eater” Exposes Human Sacrifice

Abolitionist T. Russell Hunter duped the internet yesterday with a doomsday clock leading to a rebuke for complacency amidst the abortion Holocaust.

Mysterious dollar bills were found across the country in the last few weeks. Online they were called “Beast Bills.” They were an artistic depiction of corruption in the United States, complete with presidential candidates, satanic slogans, and “new world order” type imagery. People who found the bills began to interpret the symbols and find others with “beast bills.” To the world’s surprise, a website was discovered with reference to the bills:, and on it was a countdown to September, 14th, 4pm.

News about the bill, the website and an anonymous Facebook page entitled: Mr. Teeth hinting at the distribution of the bills, spread throughout conspiracy theorist and “hacktivist” communities. Hundreds of YouTube videos, discussion boards, and social media conversations with thousands of followers sought to discern the meaning behind the bills and countdown. Theorists speculated what would happen at the end of the countdown. Some said it was going to be a data leak, exposing government corruption. Others were sure of economic or natural disaster. Still more said it was a hoax. Theorists were sure of calamity, as the bills were a near catalog of suppressed societal evils. And they were right.

The artist behind the bills was T. Russell Hunter, and part of a movement known as Abolish Human Abortion. He is one of many individuals who call themselves abolitionists. They are Christians who are extreme in their non-violent means of ending abortion. They have formed societies in every state, seeking to place themselves in key cities. Hunter wanted to make apparent the evil of this age. Implicitly through all the art and messaging he showed abortion or “child sacrifice” as our greatest evil.  Some of the theorists accurately interpreted the signs, seeing all the evil as pointing to one great evil. One theorist (youtuber For YAHWEH) commented on how the front of the bill, Trump was wearing a Playboy pin and Hilary a Planned Parenthood pin, symbolizing “Lust leading to death.” As a part of the card drops, both a mannequin and a plastic skeleton were found with cases filled with the bills. Theorists noted that both dummies had red hands, implying our mutual guilt in whatever was about to happen.

For someone familiar with AHA messaging, the seemingly archaic sayings were pretty clear. Hunter’s style was to hide his disavowing of abortion in plain sight. Many of Mr. Teeth’s posts happened on and revolved around 9/11—saying “It is always 9/11”. This points to the statistic that the daily casualty count for abortion is more than that of 9/11. Another plain message was “A single death is a tragedy; A million deaths is a statistic.” This is a quote attributed to Stalin, used to comment on the American apathy of the abortion Holocaust.

Some saw the website and bill as a part of some grand scheme, saying “It was too organized to be some anti-abortion group.” The “conspiracy” was nothing of the sort. Bad Self Eater was an idea that was spread by Hunter and a small group of abolitionists who had volunteered. One such volunteer was Carey Appling. Appling wanted to clarify that no money was received or made by any of the participants, or any branch of the greater AHA movement. They each did it willingly because of their passion for the abolitionist cause. Appling said that after they volunteered, Hunter took them aside to explain the message of the bills, and while some didn’t understand, all were eager. They began distributing “beast bills” in high traffic locations, with the (now removed) Mr. Teeth Facebook Page hinting to the followers of the “Conspiracy” where they themselves might find some. Having dropped bills in airports and substations, bills were found across America, Canada, and a few made it to Europe.

Appling said the goal of the website and bill drop was to get the message of abolition to the conspiracy theorists and those skeptical about the way things are. "It was a wakeup call to the sleepers who think they are awake." Some have hailed the operation “genius”. The message certainly got the intended audience’s attention. It was history’s first grassroots intrigue. Though the abolitionists got the message out there, it was the culture’s fervent desire to uncover evil that made it viral. “Among them He a spirit of frenzy sent. Who hurt their minds, and urged them on with mad desire.” (Milton)

The reactions to maybe the greatest troll as of late have been quite vitriolic:


The countdown to September 14th had many theorists excited about what was about to happen. It also helped spread the message. Theorists posted about it, sharing it with their friends, knowing the message was important—prophetic even. They hoped it would be something with the power to overthrow or expose evil.  When the timer hit zero on the website, a video appeared. It showed them what was happening while they were trying to find evil in symbols and world events: the greatest evil was happening next door. Bad Self Eater exposed the American Holocaust and called them to overthrow themselves and their sinful love of human sacrifice. Thousands now hate what Hunter did, and some denying that was the real end of the Bad Self Eater clock. Out of spite some people donated to Planned Parenthood, others repented. As of now 72,000 people have witnessed the graphic reality of abortion, and if they kept watching, they heard the gospel.

Appling associated the Bad Self Eater operation with the prophecy of Nathan to King David in 1 Samuel 12. Nathan described to David a great injustice. And David was filled with zeal to see justice done. But then Nathan turned the tables and told David he had done that injustice, and called him to repent. It was truth even the truth seekers didn’t want to hear. Hunter posted on Facebook that there is room for the Theorists and Hacktivists in the abolition movement. If they repent and turn to Christ, every abolitionist will be glad to fight dragons with them side by side.



T. Aidan McGuire

Aidan is a student in Ellensburg, Washington, seeking a degree in writing. He was raised a part of the Ron Paul Revolution and is now learning Divinity through New Geneva Leadership Academy.