What Doesn’t Add Up About The Shooting In Las Vegas

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I'm not one to frequently entertain conspiracy theories. You won't find me calling 9/11 an inside job, denying the moon landing, and convincing others that the Earth is flat. You won't even find me promoting essential oils and other alternative medicine. My opposition to statism and the massive federal government isn't rooted in a fear of the deep state, one world government, or people behind the scenes, rather that which should be apparent to everyone—taxation, corruption, crony capitalism, favoritism, and immorality.

That is my disclaimer, yet there are two pieces of information surrounding the mass shooting in Las Vegas which don't add up, and I believe they are connected.  You can take this with a grain of salt, but the truth is a month later, we still don't have a motive, security footage, and we have conflicting reports, changing timelines, and highly staged interviews.

There exists this 4Chan post from 3 weeks before the shooting, on September 10th. 


I will warn you, anti-Jewish sentiment is a common occurrence over at 4chan.org/pol.  My highlighting this prediction is in no-way an endorsement of this sentiment presented by other commenters.

Now the first thing you'll notice is he speaks of tomorrow, which was September 11th, but he later clarifies in a follow up comment “I can't guarantee anything will happen tomorrow but Las Vegas is on their minds.” 

Back to his first comment, he states stay away from large groups of people. This is pretty vague, as incidents of crime involving large groups of people are usually the stories to make national news. 

He also says stay away from Las Vegas or Henderson. This still isn't very specific and can encompass a large array of possibilities. 

In addition, he mentions if you see black vans parked next to each other leave the area. (The vans are a stretch, I know, but I think they are interpreting a Chevy E dually as a van on the police scanners).  So far, what he has mentioned would still allow for a wide array of incidents to happen, especially in a large, tourist destination city. In his follow up comments, he starts to provide more details which align his prediction with what happened in Las Vegas.

He continues “They want to make the American public think that places with extremely high security aren't safe.” Post 9/11, and in a world where large venues have been rattled by terrorist attacks, concerts and music venues have strengthened security to include, metal detectors, bomb sniffing dogs, body scanners and security cameras, and now we see many articles stating security must increase (check). Still, even narrowed down to Las Vegas, this post still has higher predictability of being true.

But he continues “If their plan is successful the state of Nevada will pass a law in the future making all casinos have mandatory metal detectors and backscatter machines.”. Where did this shooting happen? In a hotel, where Steven Paddock was claimed to have carried 23 guns, including large rifles to his room, this would have been “prevented” if he had passed through a metal detectors and body scanners. Finally, the last critical piece of information here: “OSI Systems and Chertoff are the main producers of these machines. Sometime around 2020 Chertoff and OSI will merge into a single company. After they merge the owners will sell off all their stock and make billions in profit. Mr Chertoff has been in contact with Sheldon Adelson. Mr Adelson will become a huge sponsor of these machines and he will be the first to put them in his casinos when the law passes.” We already know that OSI stock has skyrocketed to a high for the year as of this week.

This brings us to the other important piece of information, what was billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson doing the morning after the shooting? Meeting with Trump for a pre-scheduled meeting, which so happened to be the morning after the largest mass shooting in modern history, in where Sheldon Adelson has billions tied up in Casinos. They were discussing future policy. 

With those two pieces of information, many questions remain. First and foremost, can we verify these dates were not changes on the 4chan archive site, only to gain traffic? Random commenters of this story elsewhere are claiming to remember this post prior to the events. Can anyone else confirm this archive date? Second, can anyone confirm the appearance of 3 black vans (any any black vans) at the concert or hotel near the time of the incident, or further mention of them on the police scanners? Third, does anyone know what exact Trump and Adelson were discussing?

Comment below and let us know if you have any critical information on this story.


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