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What Hillary’s Election will mean for Christians and Religious Freedom

Tim Dukeman comments
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Many prominent conservatives are trying to soft-pedal just how devastating a Hillary Clinton presidency will be. I contend that they simply don't understand what her election will mean for America.

  1. Hillary will ban Christian colleges, elementary schools, and secondary schools by requiring them to hire unbelievers.
  2. Hillary will purge Christians from government jobs (the same way Kelvin Cochran was purged)
  3. Hillary will purge Christian contractors (such as charities) from working for the government in any capacity.
  4. Hillary will go after homeschoolers with everything in her power.
  5. Hillary will force Christians to pay for abortions.
  6. Hillary will attack churches, giving her allies what they want by taking away tax-exempt status, and allowing her to punish dissenters (read: Christians).
  7. If what her allies in Iowa are trying to do is any indication, Hillary will even close down churches!
  8. Hillary will force Christians out of any medical professions, closing Christian hospitals and purging Christian doctors who won't violate their conscience.
  9. Hillary will force Christians out of any counseling-related jobs, by requiring counselors (and related jobs) to sign a statement affirming their commitment to promoting homosexuality, transsexuality, etc. as a condition for being licensed by the state. Non-licensed counseling will be banned, just like reparative therapy.
  10. Hillary will do things far worse than we can currently imagine. If you're skeptical, consider this question: did anyone anticipate in 2008 that Barack Obama would try to force Christians to buy abortions, force Catholics to buy contraception, or force schools to let boys into the girls' locker room and showers?


I should clarify that I do not expect Hillary to personally accomplish every single item on the above list, though I do expect her to make significant progress. We are talking about a President who will have been officially declared above the law before even taking office. To any Christians who think that a Republican Congress (which will not happen) would be able to restrain Hillary: I have some oceanfront property in Arizona to sell you. Hillary will accomplish her goals through legislation, and failing that, through executive orders, bureaucratic rules that must be complied with before they can be challenged, and pure, unfiltered lawlessness. Obama has already written the playbook; she will merely have to follow it. The Founding Fathers put several restrictions on the power of the Presidency, but most of them are out the window in 2016, and the expansion of executive power is about to get far worse.

I do expect that her Supreme Court justices will accomplish whatever she fails to get done. Whether they do so before or after she leaves office is the only thing in question. We know what liberal jurisprudence looks like: if it furthers liberal policy goals, it is consitutional. If a law goes against liberal policy goals, its proponents want to bring back Jim Crow.

It's not that Hillary's election would be the end of the world. It would be no such thing. But in many important ways, Hillary's election would be the end of America. If she is elected, we should change our name, because we will no longer be the country founded by men such as Patrick Henry and James Madison, and we should not tarnish their good names by associating ourselves with them. If she is elected, we will tell our grandchildren in hushed tones what America used to be like, back when it was free, because tyranny became unstoppable in 2016. They will grow up in a country unimaginable to people who have always had freedom.

At this point in the conversation, I want to stress a couple of things: first, that I am not saying that every Christian has a duty to vote for Trump in an effort to stop Hillary. Second, I recognize that Christ's church will persist (in some form) regardless of what happens in government. Jesus, the Good Shepherd, will ensure that all of His sheep are gathered into the fold.

I am asking all of my readers to think long and hard about this election, and I hope that we can all discuss these issues with charity, honesty, and humility. That means refusing to minimize what we face in this election: there can be no doubt that Hillary will do devastating damage to the country, and America may never recover. Surrendering to Hillary is nothing less than giving up on America. It may be that America is already dead, but some Christians see a way for the Land of the Free to continue to live up to its name.

I'm not settled on what to do at the ballot box. I am absolutely convinced that I'm not going to condemn my brother if he looks at the above list and concludes that he has to vote for Trump to preserve our way of life. I hope you won't condemn him either. I'll leave you with the words of a Christian leader who is feeling the wrath of Hillary's allies already:

"So, the question remains, how will we respond? Will we doubt God’s sovereignty and disobey his commands by compromising in order to make life comfortable? Or will we, like Martin Luther who faced a similar choice, stand firm and say, “Unless I am convinced by the testimony of the Scriptures or by clear reason. . . I am bound by the Scriptures . . . and my conscience is captive to the Word of God. I cannot and will not recant anything since it is neither safe nor right to go against my conscience”.

There is no question. We will not bow. "
--Pastor John MacArthur, on California SB 1146, which will ban Christian colleges.



Tim Dukeman

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