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What If Hillary Clinton Becomes President?

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With the election 8 days away, many Americans are contemplating what a Hillary Clinton presidency will look like. As Christians, many of us are also contemplating a Clinton presidency. This election season has been extremely abnormal, and bleak for Christians who have traditionally relied on the Republican party to pander to their beliefs. Donald Trump’s immoral character and ethical flaws has not only created a dilemma of conscience for our voting options, but puts the future of the Republican party at risk. With the uncertain future ahead and the freedoms we have historically enjoyed as Christians, it might be tempting to give into fear and allow cynicism and reactionism to guide our choices and cloud our judgment, but we must remember, ultimately the choice is the Lord’s, and we the Church, are His body, whom He loves. With that being said, what are we do to if Hillary Clinton becomes America’s next president?

First, remove the plank from our own eyes

Never shall we forget that judgment starts with God’s house. Our first response should be humility and the awareness that we as a nation and as a church are reaping what we have sewn. For too long, the American church has cozied up to the Republican party and blindly allowed them to pander to our needs, while pushing a secular agenda, a mixture of humanism, pluralism, and nationalism. We have given our children over to the government to be indoctrinated through public education. We have allowed paganism and occultism to be practiced in our nation and called it Freedom of Religion[1][2]. We have stood by as the Republican party increased the size of government. We have accepted these ideas as though they were are own, without much thought into the Biblical validity of many of their positions. The culture of America has infected the Church, leaving us wounded from too much material excess, cultural distractions, and shallow theology. Our churches have become fat with excess and dependent on comfort, but weak on theology and lacking in the works God prepared for us in advance to do.

We Should Pray for Hillary

Pray for her salvation, and pray for God to guide her, to break her heart of stone and humble her of pride[3][4]. Pray for her daily, and earnestly, and pray for patience and understanding as you continue to pray for her[5]. God directs the heart of the our leader, and can harden her heart as He did the Pharaoh[6], or humble her heart as He did Nebuchadnezzar[7]. With this we should be hopeful. With 8 days to go, revelations from WikiLeaks continue to pour out, the FBI has reopened their investigation into her emails, and her campaign is in a panic. Even as her health remains in question, I am reminded of when Hezekiah the King of Judah humbled himself before God to extend his life after falling into ill health[8], and we should pray that any difficult circumstance Hillary might face would result in her humbling herself before God leading to repentance.

We should remain alert with our eyes open

Now is the season to be aware of what’s going on in our government and country. In the midst of busy lives, work, sports, entertainment, and the everyday news, we should not allow it to distract us from keeping a watchful eye on our government and culture. Ask the Lord to give you discernment while you seek out unbiased news sources[5]. Do not get wrapped up in the latest fabs and controversies[9] while more troubling actions by our congress and president go unnoticed. Do not accept everything at face value, but seek out the source of information, and its validity. Do not fall into the trap of misinformation, false news, conspiracy and hearsay, but just as we test the spirit in the Church[10], we should be testing what we read coming from the world.

We should be resolute in our faith in conviction

This means putting your faith before fear[11]. Seeking God daily in personal prayer, earnestly studying the Bible daily, praying with your family, praying with your church, allowing God to sanctify your life[12]. We should be doing what’s right even when society says it’s wrong, even when society and government persecutes you for doing the right thing[13]. We should not shy away from speaking the truth of scripture in the Gospel just because some will ridicule us for doing so. Furthermore, we should not allow the latest developments to scare us away from our resolve[14]. The government has only pushed us as far as we, the Church, have allowed them. We have given up too much territory already, and should be actively regaining segments of society[15]. Additionally, study American law and Biblical law, and keeping in mind that Biblical law supersedes American law, know when to follow God over government (more about this below).

We should be willing to lose friends

For much of the 20th century, Christianity and Patriotism have lived together in unison. This is coming to an end. We should be willing to speak the truth as the Apostle Paul did, even if it means being ridiculed or losing friends[16]. Christian organizations should be willing to lose business relationships, endorsements, and certifications. Friendship with the world is enmity with God[17], this might take on more emphasis under a Clinton presidency. The last 8 years should be a warning to us that the battle line has been drawn, and people are taking sides.

Jesus did not come to bring peace, but a sword[18], and warned us that the Gospel could divide even family members.

We should be ready to obey God over government

If the 21st century so far has been a precursor, it is a warning to us that our current government does not respect freedom of conscience in public life. We should not bow to Godless demands. The more we allow it, the more the government will feel empowered. We should follow our conscience in our businesses, and not bake cakes or take photos for gay weddings, or any other thing God calls sinful. We shouldn’t allow political correctness or even laws to stop us from speaking the truth of Scripture.

Let's follow in the footsteps of the Apostles who told the Sanhedrin, we must obey God, not man[19]. Let's follow in the footsteps of Daniel, who prayed to Yahweh and refused to pray to the Babylonian gods, against the decree of the king[20].

For those who would use Romans 13 as a defense to demand our total adherence to government, I must ask, how do we define evil, when Romans 13 says the government bears the sword to punish evil? The answer, obviously, is scripture. Paul would define evil according to God’s law, and currently our government is not qualified to fit Romans 13, because they are punishing good and rewarding evil.

We should watch out for new wolves to be introduced into the Church

The PCUSA became apostate because they allowed Liberal wolves in, who introduced godless teachings. They forsook solo scriptura, they forsook what the Bible says about homosexuality and murder (in regards to abortion). The Episcopalian church and Evangelical Lutheran Churches churches followed suit. Hillary’s team has been active in introducing wolves into the Church to push the pro-LGBT, pro-abortion agenda. In a WikiLeaks email found here, John Podesta, and Sandy Newman, president of Voices for Progress propose starting a Catholic Spring to get Catholics to vote for liberal causes against the beliefs of the church. We shouldn't expect that they won't try the same thing with Protestant denominations.

We should evangelize more

Ending up in this situation where we have a corrupt Democrat running against an immoral Republican didn't happen overnight. Neither did the erosion of our freedom as Christians. It reach this critical point because our society has strayed far from being obedient to God. This should encourage us to win back society through increased, dedicated, and theologically rich evangelism. The Apostles and early Church transformed the Roman empire, an empire with greater immorality than American, but they did it through evangelism and dedicating every part of their life to the Kingdom of God.

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