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Biblical academia is a dying practice. In its place is an emotional love, void of Biblical definition, historical context, and proper exegesis. The Nashville Statement doesn't settle the matter of any inner-church debate, rather it is an open rebuke of those who reject a clear reading of scripture, a problem far greater than the interpretation of homosexuality. We support this rebuke.

This is not a genuine schism within the Church, nor has it ever been. This is not an attempt at resolving Biblical understanding between two camps of faithful, genuine Christian believers. The Nashville Statement is a rebuke of an attempted hostile takeover of the Church by those bent on advancing the Humanistic, Secular, Marxist agenda. At one point there was study of the Bible and its cultural context in regards to homosexuality, but we have affirmed what the Church has believed for 2000 years; the case is closed.

Rarely will you anymore see these old misinterpretations in support of homosexuality presented, since they were rejected long ago. We have summarized much of the research and common arguments here, reaffirming Biblical marriage. The simplistic, emotional, ad hominem, and academically lazy strategy which replaced it is why the Nashville Statement was needed. As I said, Biblical academia is a dying practice, and LGBT friendly churches do not concern themselves with reconciling scripture with homosexuality. The arguments they present are lazy, lacking any real genuine effort to understand scripture, and are simply replaced with name calling. Their arguments can be rebuked with a Sunday school understanding of scripture.

There is no longer common ground here, nor a bridge to mutual understanding. Someone who agrees with 2000 years of orthodox doctrine is labeled a bigot, un-loving, and not a real Christian. They will not listen to reason nor proper exegesis. They will remove scripture from context, will respond to criticism with more ad hominem attacks, and threats of violence and government cohesion. There is no neutrality here, neutrality is a myth, and these wolves are already inside the Church.

These enemies of Christ inside and outside the church will use contradictory language to support their agenda. Inclusiveness will exclude the Biblical Church, tolerance will not tolerate the Biblical worldview, love will hate those genuinely in Christ, and multiculturalism will tear down Biblical Christian culture. The lipstick has been wiped off the pig, and it's more beastly than we ever imagined.

They want to destroy the Church and take America with them. Here is what we as Christians need to do. If they want to drive this country off a cliff, lets help them pack their bags. At one time our representative republic allowed various tribes to live in harmony with each other through minimal intervention. This is no longer the case. This harmony has been dismantled, and tribalistic mobs are vying for control. Our country remains intact only because the cooperation of it's people and respect for authority. The Nashville Statement was a affirmation that we are standing our ground against an illegitimate authority formed by this mob.

Standing out ground requires action on our part. We must remove our children from public schooling, as this is the number one tool of indoctrination our children, and must promote any and all attempts to defund the public schools. A cohesive family unit and church unit starts with properly and Biblically educating our own, not sending them off to be indoctrinated by government run schools. We must take our idolatries be ready to let them fall off the cliff with the nation. This starts by throwing out any fabricated sense of patriotism or nationalistic grandeur. We must support the abolishment of the police state and the return of sheriffs to their original role as officers of the court. The police are agents of the government and they will be used to enforce unjust laws and ordinances. They are unbiblical, do not follow this country's own Constitution, and unproportionally target our minority brothers in Christ. We must have an entrepreneurial spirit, starting our own businesses, networks, and communities, and furthermore limiting our networks ability to be monitored and targeted by the government. As much as we are able, we mustn't rely on government assistance, and instead rely on the church community and be willing to both receive and give. As these unholy mobs are vying and fighting for control of the White House and Congress, we must be willing to reach to local representatives and administrators, specifically those who are true Christians, and educate them on their Biblical role as magistrates, and stand up to cohesion by unjust state and federal governments. Finally, we must be willing to take a stand against injustice and disobey unjust laws, and stand in the gap between these laws and those who are being unjustly persecuted by them.

Remember that the Nashville Statement was about far more than Biblically reaffirming the sinfulness of homosexuality. It was a rebuke of those trying to hijack the church. Many who supported the Nashville Statement might still rely of this nation and truly believe in Patriotism and the goodness of America. These idols must be torn down, loyalty to Christ must replace loyalty to country, trust in God must replace trust in country, and one nation under God must be replaced with one Church under Christ.


Scott Taylor

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