Donald Trump

Christian Political Grumpy Pants Upsplash via Pexels

Christians Must Move Beyond Complaining About Politics

With the backdrop of the ugliness and chaos of an American society, let's try to exemplify a distinctly Christian alternative.

By Jordan Wilson

Does God’s Sovereignty Matter In Politics? Part 2 Joe Shlabotnik via

Does God’s Sovereignty Matter In Politics? Part 2

Man does not have any authority to try to guess what extraordinary things God will do in a situation and use those guesses as the basis for decisions.

By Adam Dean

What If Hillary Clinton Becomes President? Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Points For Christians To Remember During A Clinton Presidency

The culture of America has infected the Church, leaving us wounded from too much material excess, cultural distractions, and shallow theology.

By Scott Taylor

Viral Conspiracy Site “Bad Self Eater” Exposes Human Sacrifice BADSELFEATER

Abolitionists Dupe The Internet

Abolitionist T. Russell Hunter duped the internet yesterday with a doomsday clock leading to a rebuke for complacency amidst abortion Holocaust.

By T. Aidan McGuire

Clinton’s Naming Trump Supporters “Deplorable” May Be Accurate Andrew Harnik / AP

Was Hillary Clinton's Insult To Trump Supporters Right On?

The genius of the Clinton campaign and media-assisted hatchet job on Donald Trump was the shaming of the Trump supporters.

By Adam Moore

A Clinton Presidency Will Go Unchecked Independent UK / AP

There Will Be No Serious Intellectual Opposition By The Press To A Clinton Presidency

A Trump Presidency will receive needed criticism while a Clinton Presidency will receive unneeded praise.

By Scott Taylor

The Protestant Case for Voting Third Party The Odyssey Online

The Principles That Have Defined Protestantism Can Offer Us More Election Choices

No number of indulgences allows you to buy back your soul…or vote.

By Sean Nolan

Election 2016: Evangelicals Face a “Hagar Moment” DonkeyHotey / CC BY-SA

Election 2016: Evangelicals Face a “Hagar Moment”

The 2016 presidential elections present a "Hagar Moment" for white self-identified Evangelicals. By that I mean we face a similar conundrum faced by Abraham, who

By Joseph Rossell

An Analyses of Pro-Abortion NARAL Leader Llyse Hogue’s DNC Speech

Llyse Houge's speech at the DNC convention was full of irony and inconsistency

Llyse Hogue, president of NARAL Pro Choice America, “shouted her abortion” at the Democratic National Convention Wednesday.

By Scott Taylor

Trump: A Product of the Times John Minchillo / AP

Trump: A Product of the Times

Trump isn’t a new political force, but instead the ugly bastard child of the movements that preceded him.

By Stiven Peter