Malaysia’s Polytheism Mixes Sharia And Secular Law Zukiman Mohamad

Malaysia’s Polytheism Mixes Sharia And Secular Law

Malaysia's society exists in a "two-law" British and Sharia system that is increasingly at odds with itself.

By Matthew Belleville

The Huffington Post’s Hillarious Election Projections in Retrospect The Resurgent

HuffPo's Hilariously Bad Election Polling

In retrospect it is actually hilarious to read. They weren't just wrong about Trump, but wrong about almost everything they predicted.

By Jordan Wilson

Christians, Accomodations, And Inheritances Jon Speed

The Christian Moral And Political Inheritances We Are Leaving Our Children

As I hold my daughter in my arms, I am less concerned about the kind of nation she will inherit, and more concerned about the Christianity she will inherit.

By Jon Speed

Christian Political Grumpy Pants Upsplash via Pexels

Christians Must Move Beyond Complaining About Politics

With the backdrop of the ugliness and chaos of an American society, let's try to exemplify a distinctly Christian alternative.

By Jordan Wilson

Does God’s Sovereignty Matter In Politics? Part 1 Joe Shlabotnik via VisualHunt.com

Does God’s Sovereignty Matter In Politics? Part 1

We need a better framework for understanding how Christians should think about God's sovereignty over voting and politics.

By Adam Dean

What If Hillary Clinton Becomes President? Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

Points For Christians To Remember During A Clinton Presidency

The culture of America has infected the Church, leaving us wounded from too much material excess, cultural distractions, and shallow theology.

By Scott Taylor

This Means You Too, Pastors wrathandgrace.com

It's Time For Many Pastors To Recognize Their Part In America's Decline And Judgment

Pastors, I'm certainly not going to put all the blame on you (we all have our own responsibilities), but I certainly believe it's about time you own up to your part of it.

By Adam T. Calvert

How Politics Works

How Politics Works

This is a perfect summation of the ponzi scheme that is modern politics.

By Dustin Ranem